Words Of Wisdom For My President

My President, Our President! I understood you were not in town during the long anticipated UDP National Congress which was successfully held from 7 to 9 december 2018. I am not sure whether it was coincident or a well calculated plan for you to be out of the country during the UDP National Congress. I personally think it was very unfortunate that your calender or schedule has not been studied properly by your aids so that you are home to witness history being made again by the party you always call home.

Remember My President, Our President! UDP is headed by no other than your “Political God Father” Lawyer Ousainou Darboe. Your advisers should have advised you to send your Foreign Minister to Egypt. Your advisers or aids have failed you before and even this time around. This UDP National Congress is the first of its kind to be held in KMC after the fall of Yahya Jammeh and his APRC which brought you to the highest portfolio of the country.

In my view, the UDP National Congress should have been held while you were in town. You do not neccessarly need to be at the congress hall due to your position as the coalition President. Technically and legally, I do not see that to be a problem because if your coalition colleagues can be at the UDP National Congress,  then why not you?

My President, Our President! I urge you not to be upset, angry or distress when you are back peacefully from Egypt and you are shown the pictures, audios and messages from the UDP National Congress. These are the Gambian people in display because UDP belongs to them and they belong to the UDP. There is nothing better and sweeter than being home.

So My President, Our President! Your home is waiting for you. You are WELCOME HOME. The first thing you should do to declare your intention for your homecoming is to distance yourself from your BYM, a movement has been destructive for you and many people and may lead to your political suicide.

My President, Our President! For you to have an easy homecoming, I would appreciate if you desist from boasting, for Gambians appreciate it not. For you to succeed in you eventual homecoming and carve out your legacy, you need to start cleaning out the STATE HOUSE of ill-advisers and “Sulu sajii maalu” [wolves in sheep’s clothing]. They are not up to any Good other than self-perpetuation.

My President, Our President! Please look into your political appointments. Gambians are not the least happy with some of the appointment of former APRC members.

The Gambia will collapse economically had it not been the financial support people get from the diaspora. My President, Our President! Therefore re-establish the strong and cordial ties that existed before between you and the diaspora. UDP, without an iota of a doubt, is in the majority in the diaspora and a force to count on. The UDP diaspora can move a mountain and that is evendent ahead of the UDP National Congress and during the Congress. This will continue after the congress. These are my words of wisdom to you My President, Our President.

To the UDP supporters, we have to stand united just as our able party leader Ousainou Darboe reiterated in his opening and closing statements. Let us guard our actions and be one another’s keepers. The real struggle is yet to come. Do not underestimate the treacherous power of our many enemies. We should not be blinded by our sheer size and might, less we will have a rude awakening in the future. Future belongs to those who plan them. Our enemies have been and will continue to scheme.

Ousainou Darboe said eloquently said what is expected of all UDP supporters. We have to adhere to the mantra UDP “KANG KILING” [One UDP Voice].

Thank you My President, Our President. I salute all UDP members home and abroad.

Alhagi Touray


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