Dear Editor,

I wish to congratulate the leadership and entire UDP party members, home and abroad, on the party’s recently concluded National Congress. That the UDP congress was an overwhelming success cannot be overemphasised. When all things have been said and done, and the UDP has ultimately decided, the verdict is an emphatic unity of purpose. The party has indeed risen to its challenges and lived up to the general expectation of all especially the ordinary Gambians, who are the backbone of the party. The way and manner in which this national congress has been executed, no doubt confirmed to the entire country and the world at large, that the UDP is not only a force to reckon with but more importantly the people’s party. The emphatic voice, with which the congress has spoken, is a compelling signal and recipe for harmony and success. I therefore urge all UDP supporters and well-wishers to immediately rally behind the party and collectively forge ahead for a brighter future and successful democracy for sustainable development.

The people of the Gambia have been anxiously waiting for this UDP decision day and the leadership and Party members have indeed spoken loud and clear. All cynical detractors of the Party have been left open mouthed by the sheer maturity and wisdom of party members, who passed with flying colours, the test of democracy that challenged the party. The well-presented and adorable charming messages from delegates summed up UDP democracy.

Congratulations for displaying resolve and commitment to continue steering the affairs of the UDP and by extension our people, who have long been longing for UDP and democracy. There is no doubt in my minds eyes that UDP is the ultimate choice of Gambia. Just remain the UDP that we all know and cherished so much, and then the sky is the limit. The UDP has sent a clear message that strongly signalled its readiness to take our country to higher heights in peace, progress and prosperity. My special thanks and appreciation to Hon Lawyer Ousainou Darboe, Hon, Dembo Bojang, Aji Yamu Secka and the entire UDP leadership and fraternity for their maturity and greatly successful National Congress. Thanks you for a job well done.

Alh Yahya Ceesay
Greenwich, London


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