How Meditation Makes Us Smart


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Author Dawda Bah’s book will make you smart!Here is my own take of the book THE SECRET POWERS OF MEDITATION: Become Healthier, Wealthier and Happier.

Do you want to live a thriving, joyous, and prosperous life? If you do, then you need to discover the power of meditation embedded in THE SECRET POWERS OF MEDITATION. It’s a book that’s worth reading and conceiving its content in totality on a daily basis. And the good news is that it won’t take you long to read and understand THE SECRET POWERS OF MEDITATION. The 32-page book can be read within an hour.

Having read and understood the book, I realised the fact that THE SECRET POWERS OF MEDITATION has provided vital remedies for our relationship with family, business, career and profession. Without abundant joy in whatever we do, our mission is either incomplete or meaningless. We run out of passion and easily get distracted and turned off.

The author Dawda Bah deserves a tap on the back for giving us a blessing in an area that has been completely ignored by The Gambia’s literary world. I have never come across any Gambian literature on meditation. As an evolving society, our citizens cannot thrive if they don’t reap the benefits of meditation. How can we meditate if we don’t first know how to meditate or why we meditate?

I’m not surprised that Dawda Bah pieces together THE SECRET POWERS OF MEDITATION. Is he not the son of The Gambia’s God-gifted Social Healer, Alh. Ebrima Bah [Mama Koto] whose wisdom has helped cure thousands of confused minds. The Vancouver-based Gambian has been a student of Meditation for over a decade. Meditation has transformed Dawda’s life positively which is why he wants to share his story with the world. In this must-read masterpiece, Mr. Bah outlines the fundamental principles of Meditation and its relationship with Visualization, Affirmations, Prayers, Intimacy and Gratitude.

You can order a copy of this wonderful reference material available on Amazon through this weblink can.

Let’s keep meditating to discover ourselves, become healthier, wealthier and smart beyond human understanding. Without meditation we cannot control let alone shift our mindset in a positive direction.

Ajarama Dawda Bah Pulloh!

Gambia’s Financial Guru Kemo Barrow
Kairo Financial Empowerment Center


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