Our Wounds Can Never Be Healed

We cannot live a day without thinking about some of the atrocities being committed by former President Yahya Jammeh and his PRC regime during their 22 years of existence. The fact that the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparation Commission has now been lunched doesn’t mean that we can easily forget about what happened even though we may forgive. The reality is that our wounds can never be healed.

The United Democratic Party paid a heavy price for The Gambia to gain back her glory that was lost twenty two years ago. In the struggle they (the party) lost many of its executive members together with their strong militants.

May their souls rest in peace. Amen.

The 2016 Victims had made us a chapter in the history of our country’s long struggle to gain freedom. Some of these victims are crying of different health implications that need urgent attention while the family of others had metamorphosed into a single parent type.

The children of the Late Victims of 2016 are now Victims of single parent families. Let us not forget that their parents died in the struggle for us to earn the unity, freedom and peace we are all enjoying today. Their jobless mothers are the ones taking care of them. It will never be an easy transition for some Gambians, particularly the families of victims. Families of the victims are the only ones at home taking decision in the struggle to help them (victims) achieve their goals.

Your contribution to the welfare of the families of our late heroes shall always be welcome.

The picture in yellow is the instrumental deputy Secretary General and party leader of United Democratic Party, Ajaratou Yam Secka with the daughter of Late Solo Krumang. This picture was taken at the bank of River Gambia in Basse on our way to Sandou carrying Solo’s body to its final resting place after been killed by Jammeh and his team of servants.

Muhammed Fatty

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