In this episode of “Celebrating our Living Legends“, we introduce you to Dawda Bah, an avid seeker and teacher of spirituality.

Dawda is originally from Bakau Mamakoto in The Gambia where he did his early childhood education. He has a Master’s Degree in International Business Management from Colorado State University. He now lives in Vancouver, Washington State with his wife and three daughters.

According to Dawda Bah, “With meditation comes peace”.

A few months ago, Dawda wrote his first book entitled “The secret powers of Meditation. Become healthier, wealthier and healthier.” Dawda has over 10 years of practice in yoga, meditation, visualization and manifestation. In this book, he explained the term meditation and gave some personal testimonies that made him the being that he is.

Below we bring you an excerpt from the first chapter of Dawda’s book. Read on.

“Before we go into the secret powers of meditation and how we can use those powers to change our lives and even the lives of our loved ones, let’s talk about how to perform a simple meditation. There are many forms of meditation, but the simplest is this;

Find a quiet and comfortable space where you can meditate peacefully without interruption for at least 20 minutes. Sit or lay down. Close your eyes. This helps you to shut out the world. Focus on your breathing, the inhalation and exhalation. Choose to give all your undivided attention to just your breathing, nothing more nothing less. In and out. Up and Down. Just focus on the breathing.

You will notice random thoughts rushing at you, but stay focus on the breath. Do not get frustrated with the thoughts, just return to focusing on the breath. The more you meditate the easier it becomes to stay focus, but you have to stay consistent.

Like any form of practice or exercise, you will see results when you keep at it.

Now that we know how to meditate, let’s see how we can use basic meditation with other practices to manifest anything that we want.

A side note here. I have personally meditated on and off for the last ten years. And combined with visualization and affirmations, I have been able to manifest many things including financial abundance, meaningful relationships, and become a happier and healthier version of myself.
The purpose of this book is to share with you how to use meditation and gratitude to fulfill your dreams. Throughout this book,

I will be sharing personal affirmations that I use. Feel free to use them or create your own affirmations that resonate with you.”

Information is power. Dawda talking his time to write this book is a step in the right direction.

This is one of the best ways of contributing to national development. We at Gambian Talents are proud of Dawda for repping Mama Gambia.

To order a copy of Dawda’s book, click on the following link

A feature by Pa Ousman Joof of Gambia Talents Promotion.


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