Gamdesigner Provides Market For Gambian Designers

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Gamdesigners is a newly formed company registered in the United Kingdom to Provide the platform for all Gambian designers to be able to showcase their talents to the international market.

It is a state of the art platform built by Gambians with top security and the payment gateway provided by one of the biggest banks in the UK, Barclays Bank, who also provides the full PCI [Payment Card Industry] compliance to make the site meet international standards where people can use their debit cards securely. They also provide along the merchant a bank account where funds will be collected on behalf of designers.

Why was it formed?
We have realised that Gambians have talents and are making world class designs that can be marketed anywhere in the world. What these people need is a platform dedicated to them that also needs international standards and that’s important because people will be using their information online.

So the essence is to provide that market place for all Gambian designers and also making our products readily available and accessible to any Gambian anywhere in the world to make orders and get it delivered to their door.

How was it formed?
Gamdesigners was Formed by 2 young Gambians; a 20 year old lady – Sarifatou Jallow, who came out with the idea and partner with a very experienced Businessman- Almamo Fatty based in the UK who has huge experience in building an international business in the whole Europe, Canada, and USA. He is also able to use his international exposure to be able to help build the business Platform that meets the international standards.

Almamo Fatty, a chartered accountant and a businessman is also the founder of Supersonicz money transfer in Europe and USA, Supersonicz Micro Finance Bank in Gambia and Co Founder of A&K Leisure and real estate.

Who formed it?
Gamdesigners was formed and owned by Sarifatou Jallow and Almamo Fatty.

Sarifatou did some entrepreneurial trainings under Start up Incubators in Gambia and she is building on that knowledge to bring a difference to The Gambia fashion industry as a young determined woman.

Who will it benefit?
The benefit of Gamdesigners is for all Gambian designers whether based in The Gambia, Europe or USA. Though, the focus is on home grown designers it’s an open platform for all Gambians to showcase their talents. It will also expose their designs in the international market. Also will benefit from many international fashion shows where top designers will be chosen to represent their businesses in Europe and USA.

What next for Gambians abroad and in The Gambia?
It’s a ready platform and let’s support our own fashion industry by making your orders online today. This is the only way we can create that audit trail that is needed to take our fashion industry to the world stage so that some day we will see Gambian designs on display in big retail stores in Europe and USA. We cannot achieve this unless we support them by buying from them electronically online and Gamdesigners is here to provide such a platform for them. I encourage every Gambian designers to join this platform so that we will together take our industry higher.

How can designers be part of it?
It’s a simple process, just get in touch with the company by phone, email, social media or speak to Sarifatou if you are Gambia based or Almamo If you are based in the West

Why did you select these designers?
We are open to all designers. We need them to meet certain standards but as a beginning we are helping them to meet those requirements. So rather say no to anyone, we welcome all and work with those who doesn’t meet standards such as logos or brand names and so on to help them meet those needs. The whole idea is inclusion rather than been selective. So everyone is welcome onboard.

Key facts:
0. It’s 100% Gambian own
0. It’s fully secured
0. Payment gateway provided by one of the biggest banks in Europe
0. Secured bank account with the merchant from Barclays Bank.
0. Standard international delivery to anywhere in the world
0. Every Gambian designers are welcome on board and doesn’t matter which country you live in.
0. All payments From customers and to designers will be done electronically only to show full Clarity and audit trail of all transactions to keep our reputation.
0. Above all it’s for our love for our country not just for the money.

Almamo Fatty


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