GID Mass Transfer Will Yield Efficiency

                  New Immigration Director Seedy M. Touray!

I must seizure this opportunity to say congratulations, best wishes and God’s guidance upon Seedy Moctar Touray, the new Director General of The Gambia Immigration Department. May God Enable Touray the good judgment to steer the affairs of this noble institution.

May all his Commitments, intentions and great ideas be realized. I pray for him to be to be the most result-driven, successful Director of GID. I’m honoured to have witnessed this dream of yours come true my Brother. When God decides nobody has the will and power to ruin or halt that. Keep listening to your staff and all shall be well with you.
I must tell you that Leadership comes with a huge responsibility. As such strive your best to serve your Nation and her people to the letter. Be kind, humble, neutral amongst your staff and create room for divergent of opinions and constructive criticisms, which are healthy tools of your success. Be firm, bold and don’t allow anyone to trample on you or stand on your way. There is nothing to fear as long as you’re doing what is right.  Remain calm, cool and collected while executing your functions.  Never allow Bossmanship to change you, for it has ruined most of your predecessors. Be a Leader and not a Boss. Unlike leaders who have proven to be invaluable assets, Bosses quickly turn into Dictators.
Anyday you changed into a corrupt, negligent Boss to your Staff I will drop you like a hot potato and turn against you. I support you not because “you’re too handsome to look at” or your last name being “Touray.” It is because you are a highly principled person who always does what is right as well as stand for what is just. Your willingness to serve your country with your heart has also swayed me on your side. These attributes of yours are enough to lure anyone to be your personal friend.  As a former Immigration Officer, you know I have no friends when it comes to telling or defending the truth. Never at any point in time turn the immigration department into your personal property. It is a public institution that does not belong to TOURAY KUNDA.
Most of your predecessors came in as clean as a slate but left dirty/tainted like a pig wallowing into the mud. Never let that happen to you. There’s no money on this EARTH that someone would offer you today or in future that you have never had before.  Maintain your reputation intact and reject every form of bribery that staff, individuals or companies would try to offer you. Nothing must buy your dignity. If you accept any of the above-mentioned vices, know that you’re selling your soul out and you shall never look relevant to the buyer.
Try to discourage and condemn corruption of any sort amongst your staff and provide consequences to those found wanting on coruption or abuse of office.

The Gambia Immigration Department is in great hands right now. Actual reforms would soon jump start as Mr Touray and his team were the brainchild of the successful reforms of the Liberian Immigration Department during a UN Peace Keeping Missions in Liberia. So why not replicate the same success in their own immigration department??

True and sincere previous Directors would do a proper handling over and stay in Country when they are sent for retirement. But in the case of Former Director General Buba Sagnia he unceremoniously left and ran to overseas in the pretext of Medical treatment.

The Man’s bitterness was to the roof simply because PMO had rejected the bid to extend his contract. He also tried My Childhood friend Commissioner Lamin Jatta to be the New Director General of immigration, a request that PMO denied. Sagnia’s final push for Mr Jobarteh to take over from also hit the rock. PMO officials simply asked Buba Sagnia to go on retire and stop dictating or meddling his fingers into what is not his business. He was told to simply go on retirement and allow PMO to do its part. Really??? Who does that?? But what is clear is Sagnia’s unwillingness to leave and allow his deputy Seedy Touray to take over, the man who is more qualified, competent, principled and truthful than Sagnia.

As Admin Cadet Inspector and Personal Assistant who worked under two Director Generals of Gambia immigration department, Musa Mboob and Sako Drammeh, I had closely watched several unit transfers and postings whenever a New Director General assumed office. So this is not a new thing to those with a vast knowledge and consciousness of service rules and code of conduct. I wouldn’t, therefore, waste my invaluable time to respond to Pa Nderry Mba’s clueless and baseless allegations.

But to refresh your minds this happens in every security services and in fact when the new IGP Mamour Jobe took over similar purge and transfers had been made. For example, ASP David Kujabi and Foday Conta had been replaced by one Lamin Njie who is by far more junior than these Kujabi and Conta. The same happens in the Army, Prisons and Fire Services.

No one can fool Gambians nowadays because they’re well informed and up to date. Pa N’derry’s concoction of lies on a Director who assumed office in just three days shows his level of hatred. But who does not know Pa’s level of his figment of imagination?

You will be Surprised to know who the real corrupt/Scammer persons would look like when the immigration department’s various Auditors report are made public to see how immigration Department’s resources had been wasted since 2016.

And also some officers who had been in peace-keeping Missions were denied promotions simply because the “Ex-Education No Far” Director General Buba Sagnia vehemently stated that he couldn’t promote them because they are having double benefits. That’s to say anyone on a peace-keeping mission is not entitled to promotion as if they are not serving their country. Instead, he promoted his trusted folks.  So it’s like we had a Cartel Ganging up at immigration department since Sagnia took over in 2006. The gang needs to be dismantled to allow sanity, efficiency and effectiveness to prevail as well as restore a result-driven institution. GID has been infested for far too long and needs some sanitation and disinfectants to bring back the good smell.

Change is a very difficult thing for people to adjust to but hey, Who Jah bless, No one can curse. Thus, Seedy Moctar Touray is the New Director General of the Gambia Immigration Department right now and you better get used to it because he’s in Charge and cleaning up a huge mess and stickiness left in that Noble institution of ours.

Ex-Cadet Inspector
Ensa A.B Ceesay
Olympia, Washington


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