The Significance Of Diaspora Study

There’s a lot of work going on with regard to the African Diaspora. This includes huge amount of research aimed at establishing facts. It’s in this regard that I’d been interviewed by our Senegalese PhD candidate from a University in Paris, France. Mr. Niang has been keenly studying the Gambian Diaspora for several months. Myself and Niang spent two hours discussing many issues of vital importance to the Gambian Diaspora.

Mr. Niang surprisingly sent me a photoshot of the event we held when the then Foriegn Minister, Lawyer Darboe, Justice Minister Bubacarr Tambadou, former Interior Minister Mai Ahmad Fatty and others came to London in March 2017.

So many developments were captured during our discussion. The work is going on well for Gambians to have a mosque in East London thanks to the efforts of Ijaba Mosque led by Imam Muhammed Sarr. How will a religious house of their own impact the lives of Gambians in East London was  also ddiscussed. The significant role of other faith-based groups and cultural gatherings have all become vital rallying points for Gambians in the Diaspora. A proper and more balance study is needed to provide an informed guide for both host countries and home policymakers. The study of the diaspora community’s direct and indirect needs and aspirational is a good thing. I hope some Gambians will also conduct a research on the subject.

It’s obvious that Gambians away from home have some challenges and difficulties, which is why our pre-occupation should be how to mitigate these problems. The direct involvement in home activities are areas of aspirations for many but what modalities should we frame or draw to make that happen? Serious study is needed to arrive at a meaningful, beneficial conclusion. The diaspora have huge potential and vast skill pool. We have to remember that all the Foreign Embassies combined based in Africa only issue visas to students with high measure of academic excellence. Hence, incorporating diasporans in a useful way will enhance development that propel us forward.

Suntou Touray


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