Why We Must Refuse Provocation!

Hello UDP-SWEDEN and all loyal members of the UDP at home and abroad!

It has been a very sad, tough and indeed disturbing week for ALL peace loving Gambians. I personally come out to thank all Gambians irrespective of tribe, culture and political affiliation for condemning in the strongest term the hatred and bigotry that has been directed against a specific tribe and people who have not committed any crime whatsoever against anyone in The Gambia. People from all walks of life came out in their large numbers to show their disgust against few hateful individuals back home and abroad who refused to play by the rules of democracy.

Those of us who chose to keep quiet, you may knowingly or unknowingly be complicit to incitement of violence because ours is a nation of Touch One, Touch All. To all Gambians in Stockholm, Sweden I am appealing to all of you, especially our vibrant UDP youths to exercise restraint and refrain from engaging in any violent activity or action against any individual bent on dividing the peace-loving people of The Gambia.

Sweden is the bastion of democracy and the rule of law. Gambians in Sweden should not allow neither their image nor that of their peaceful country to be tarnished because of a worthless, substance addicted individual. Yahya Jammeh, with all his mighty military machinery and “ALLAH’S BANK”, tried for 22 years to divide the Gambian people through tribal lines but he woefully failed. How can we believe that an empty barrel like Lamin Jaiteh will succeed where Yahya Jammeh has failed.

The useless Lamin Jaiteh is not worth wasting one second of our invaluable time. Even a first glance at him reveals the image of a man with schizophrenia individual, a person completely out of touch with reality in Sweden, The Gambia and the wide world.

For the information of the general public, steps have been taken on alerting the Swedish authorities about the unlawful activities of fleshless Lamin Jaiteh. This is part of noble efforts to put a halt to Jaiteh’s madness. As a result, we must not engage in anything that will hamper our efforts.

I thank you all! It behooves on us to fight together for One Gambia, One Nation and One People. Together we stand strong.

May God Bless our nation with peace and prosperity.

Alhagi Touray 
Stockholm, Sweden


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