‘Our Communities Need Effective Leadership’

The Founder of the Center For Leadership and Management for Sustainable National Development (CLMSND) has said that “lasting and enduring national development” is critical to guaranteeing “vibrant and healthy communities.”

Mr. Jobarteh Fofana, who made the statement at a day’s capacity building workshop at Sankwia village in Jarra West District on Tuesday, said “strong and effective leadership is needed across all sectors of our society.”

The program, organised by CLMSND in collaboration with Sankwia Village Development Committe (SVDC), drew participants from 35 Village Development Committees (VDCs).

Mr. Jobarteh said the objective of the training is to build and enhance the leadership and management skills of VDCs so they can effectively perform their duties and responsibilities, which include promoting the welfare and wellbeings of their respective commumities.

Mr. Fofana described his organisation as a nongovernmental social development organisation that aims to contribute to the advancement of the country and making difference to people’s life. It focuses on 6 strategic priority areas, including Capacity building for grassroot leadership, the private and public institutions.

CLMSND will promote quality health service delivery in poor communities, support and promote quality and relevant educational programs in disadvantaged communities. It will also promote agricultural development especially in the rural communities, reservation and protect the environment.

“CLMSND intends to offer services in social and humanitarian affairs. We will offer services in business consultancy services, bussiness management discipline, procurement services and project management,” Mr. Fofana said, adding that the organisation will “provide technical and moral support for successful planning, implementation and management of grassroot development projects.”

The Vice Chairman of Mansakonko Area Council (MAC), Mr. Almamo Ceesay who deputised for the Chairman Landing Sanneh, commended the organisers for their foresight and great initiative.

Also applauding the initiative is the Chief Executive Officer of MAC, Mr. Pa Sait Ceesay. Mr. Ceesay said his financial resources limited Council is looking for parters to compliment the Councilors’ efforts to develop capacity of VDCs, which remains a serious concern to elected Councilors. He expressed the Council’s readiness to support the implementation of the decentralisation policies as wells as programs geared towards promoting bottom-up development strategy.

Participants were trained on the following areas:
1. Concept of leadership
2. What is real leadership
3. Qualities of a good leader.
4. Principles of leadership
5. Essential skills about leadership
6. Leadership and values
7. Community leadership and how to become and effective community leader
8. How to implement community development projects
9. Roles and responsibilities of VDCs
10. VDCs governnance structure and practices
11. Challenges faced by VDCs.

All the participants expressed delight over the effectiveness of the training. Of particular importance to participants is the quality of information shared and diverse perspectives the training provides.

Other speakers at the program included the SVDC Chairperson, Haddy Ndow, the Alkalo and deputy Imam of Sankwia Madi Kanyi and Arfang Momodou Fofana, respectively.

The program, the first of its kind in the area, is moderated by Momodou Lamin Fofana, Vice Chairman of SVDC. SVDC Secretary, Yaya Kinteh delivered the farewell message, thanking everyone for living up to expectations.


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