Who The Cap Fit Let Them Wear It!

President Adama Barrow has been called all sorts of names by our intellectuals. That is enough proof rhat “Gambian intellectuals hate President Barrow.”

Dear Mr.Bax,

I think you missed the whole point or may be you are in self denial or living at planet Mars. It is no doubt that there are some Gambian intellectuals who dislike President Adama Barrow simply because of who he is and where he comes from. And that is their democratic right. But when you heard Mr. Barrow explaining to the Gambian people that there was a tender out there for the leadership of the coalition and only three candidates submit their application. That of course raised the question: where were our intellectuals who today seem to have the solutions of all our problems.

I do not have to come out with any proof to justify the headline of my article “Gambian intellectuals hate President Barrow” because you Bax are a living proof going by your response. “Who the cap fit let them wear it”. I am not sure where you reside Mr. Bax, but he has to look at the other side of the Atlantic Ocean from the Gambian shores, he will then agree with me. With your response you demonstrate your absolute doubt and contempt about President Barrow and his leadership which is OK in a democracy.

Your doubt is twofold. One, who is Adama Barrow as a person and two where does he come from. In short, what is his background? These two factors have been disturbing for some of our so-called intellectuals before and after Barrow became President.

Unless you have not been keenly following the political landscape of The Gambia you will be disturbed by the article I wrote. I stand by the article and please Bax I challenge you to read the many Gambian media outlets both at home and abroad and you will have plenty of answers to your question or demand for proof. One doesn’t need any scientific research to come to my conclusion.

Yes, myself and many patriotic Gambians support Adama Barrow and this government, but our support is conditional. We will give kudos to President Adama Barrow where it is necessary and in the same vein we will not shy to give constructive criticism unlike those who criticize for the sake of just criticism.

You see Bax, you guys fail to understand one thing in politics. Politics is about arguing but this should be done based on facts. We do welcome the idea of scrutinizing President Adama Barrow and his administration. There must be checks and balances for any system or administration to deliver well. We have never denied that fact. There are many of us who have different views on the ongoing debacle at the Social Security and Housing Finance Corporation, which is heathy for our new found democracy. One should not engage in hate mongering, believing to be better than others.

Unlike the so-called intellectuals whose mind is clouded with Barrow hatred, majority of Gambians criticise President Barrow in a constructive way. That is the difference.

I am not obliged to make any research on the attitude, ability and behaviour of some of our so-called intellectuals because the evidence is out there for everyone to see.

The Gambia’s finest intellectuals are not barking; they will not challenge my statement with the simple fact that there is abundant evidence to substantiate my claim. They are answering to the call for National Development and Nation Building in verious capacity.

Finally, Bax as you rightly said, you and for that matter all Gambians, do not need to justify their constitutional rights to anyone. That is exactly what President Adama Barrow stands for and believes in.

Well, the gentleman or transitional agreement signed by the coalition partners is the blunder of the century. As in any agreement or statement, the devil is in the details, and the transitional agreement is not immune to that fact. The leaders involved in the agreement should have known better than the ordinary citizenry. We the electorate are innocent and should not be liable whatsoever. Bax, you just have to have patience and wait like everybody until 2021 as stipulated in our constitution. As President Barrow rightly put it, there will be no elections before 2021.

Thank you!
May God guide anctions and Bless The Gambia.

Alhagi Touray



  1. Mansata Dardo

    Who the cap fit is an obsolete term.

  2. It is irrational and myopic to accuse Gambian intellectuals. Even if the MAJORITY of Gambian intellectuals call President Barrow all sorts of names, does that mean that Gambian intellectuals hate him? What empty heads like Touray should understand is that before even being called a Gambian Intellectual, you will be call a Gambian. But I haven’t heard him say Gambians hate President Barrow. This inferiority complex should stop and we start having objective and honest debates.

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