Provide Us Proof That Intellectuals Hate Barrow

Mr Touray….

I wonder what research you conducted, how many intellectuals you polled and how widespread was the range of data used, to arrive at your conclusion that Gambian intellectuals don’t want to be led by President Barrow because of the reason(s) you gave? I am sure many will be interested to see this data.

The evidence, as we know, is that flag bearer Adama Barrow, whose level of education and family history were known at the time, received widespread support from ALL anti-Jammeh Gambians, including Gambian intellectuals at home and abroad, right from his election at that convention, through to the Presidential Election and eventual victory.

Therefore, unless you can show with reliable data, that Gambian intellectuals opposed candidate Barrow and did not contribute a dime towards his election victory, I will suggest that your piece above be dismissed as utter rubbish that reflects the contents of your prejudiced mind, than any reality on the ground.

Furthermore, it should be made clear to all of you who roll in the mud, throw tantrums and scream accusations of one sort or the other against any who dare criticise President Barrow and his style of leadership, that NO such tactics will work; Nor will it help President Barrow in any way, shape or form.

My voluntary advice to you ALL is to demand from those public officials (aids & advisers) employed to assist the president to do their jobs and prepare President Barrow for his official engagements, because every time he is perceived to have performed below the minimum required of our President, he will be taken to task.

Be informed also, that your futile attempts to silence critics, by asking where they were, will NOT work either. So get used to the environment of debates and scrutiny that NEW GAMBIA provides and MUST guarantee.

Indeed, legacies of leaders are important and the legacy that President Barrow leaves is what he will be judged by history and future generations. You, and many others may disagree with me, but I think the best legacy President Barrow could have left was to adhere and pursue the Transitional Agenda that brought him to power. Adherence and pursuit of that agenda would also have shielded him from widespread criticism, as the Transitional nature of his administration would not have been lost on many.

Since President Barrow has abandoned the Transition Agenda and seeks to complete his full 5 Year Term, which is his lawful right, he must and will be scrutinized as a FULL TERM President. That’s just the way it will be, as one cannot eat one’s cake and still have it.

Finally, Gambians, intellectual or not, have the RIGHT to hold their President to account whenever they feel that he has not lived to their expectations. It is our inalienable and Constitutionally Guaranteed RIGHTS and we WILL NOT seek anybody’s permission to exercise it, nor will we tolerate anybody’s insistence that we justify the exercise of our constitutionally guaranteed RIGHTS.

So, STOP asking us where we were when Jammeh was in power. It doesn’t matter to us today and has no relevance on the exercise of our rights.




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  1. Thank you Bax for a fitting response.

    It is true that certain Gambian intellectuals were deeply involved with Yahya Jammeh in committing atrocities against Gambians, however, that certainly is not enough basis to dismiss ALL intellectuals.

    Let us face the fact, there is no country that can succeed without the assistance and guidance of serious intellectuals.

    The recent dangerous missteps of Barrow, the latest of which is the SSHFC issue, are examples of a president who lacks proper advisers and therefore groping in the dark. Isn’t that sad?