‘Asombi’s Case Is Left To Gambians’

An erudite Gambian cleric has answered question on whether the deceased mother of former President Yahya Jammeh islamically deserves burial rights in The Gambia, after all, her son denied bonafide Gambians the same rights in the past.

Since news of Aja Asombi Bojang’s death broke out, Imam Ceesay has been bombarded with questions. Should Gambians allow Asombi to be buried home or exercise revenge? In the past, Yahya denied dessident dead Gambians burial rights in the country. Some were even not allowed to cross borders to pay last respect to their deceased relatives and friends. Mr. Jammeh also denied dead opposition parliamentarians to be laid in state. “I have been asked whether Gambians should exercise patience and become sympathetic as ordained by Islam. These are very sensitive issues but in the eyes of Allah truth is what matters. Allah wants truth to prevail, the Lord who guides us truthfully,” Imam Momodou Ceesay said in an audio widely circulated on Social Media.

Imam Ceesay added that the case of those who murder or abuse the rights of others is left in the hands of people themselves. “It is therefore left to Gambians to either allow Asombi to be buried in the Gambia or elsewhere. Clearly, Allah’s Earth is spread and that people can be buried anywhere. Yahya Jammeh has been abandoned by Gambians as evidenced in the election results. Here is the same man who denied Kukoi Samba Sanyang and Boubacarr Baldeh burial rights in The Gambia. Even Baldeh’s family members were prevented from crossing the border to Madina Qunas in Senegal for burial. This is the height of wickedness.”

Imam Ceesay said Islamic teachings are clear on any issue. “For instance, Islam permits us to benefit anyone, including idol worshippers or pagans with alms. But there is a caveat that belligerent people must not be empowered to bully Muslims. Based on Jammeh’s leaked audios, his intention to destabilise the country are clearly spelt out. Our leadership must be wary of hyping the old woman’s funeral services which might allow Jammeh’s supporters to regroup. I am not the government’s religious adviser. I’m a diaspora cleric who is giving his candid opinion on what I have been asked. I have throughout fought on the side of truth even when Yahya was in power, though I differ with most Gambian clerics who think I overstep my boundaries. I will not keep quite over injustice or ruthlessness. I always defend the Truth, no matter what happens. Allah forbids us to talk bad about anyone unless they offend others. Yayha falls in the category of tormentors. A man who tortured, exiled, killed or disappeared innocent people who oppose his government’s policies. These are people who do not disobey Allah.”

Imam Ceesay said Jammeh’s best bet is to apologise to Gambians. “But I am appalled by his unapologetic and arrogant behaviour, swearing to make a homecoming and that even jinns can’t stop him. Instead of apologising to Gambians for inflicting pains on them, Jammeh is plotting to make comeback.”

The Detroit Gambian born Imam prayed “Allah guide the Barrow government to make sound decision on Aja Asombi’s case.”



  1. From the Islamic points of views I have no ideas what should be done about the death body but Yaya Jammeh should be taught good lessons so that no one imitates his nefarious act. Yaya should be in prison by now before he dies in vain. He deserves nothing good, the only rewards he should get is to be imprisoned with hard labour.

  2. Thank you Imam Ceesay. You’re always there for us when we need Guidance and Truth. Only Allah will reward you. We pray for your long life.