Darboe’s Modesty Is Admirable

The Vice President of the Republic of The Gambia Ousainou Darboe behaves like an ordinary citizen on his way to and work. Mr. Darboe is a very down to earth leader who chooses modesty in whatever he does. His recent Faraba Banta visit is a testimony to his demonstration of modesty. He doesn’t want to waste our tax monies on unecessary convoys and expensive excorts. Even as a Vice President I am confident that Darboe will be the same modest Ousainou Darboe.

Clearly, the personal security of the President and his Vice President is the sole responsibility of the State Intelligent Service (SIS) which is under the National Security Council. After all what had happened in the last four to five weeks in our political environtment, especially between and among some UDP members and so-called UDP members called (Wolves in a sheep’s clothing) one can understand why President Adama Barrow wants Mr. Darboe so close to him.

You see, killing someone or instigating to murder someone is a crime in the Gambian criminal law. Those who threaten people in today’s Gambia with death and destruction have no right to do so, and should bearbear full brunt of the law. What kind of a Gambia these people want to build for us and the future generations to come? All these nonsense comes to one thing: pursuing selfish agenda. And in the process, they disregard the interest of ordinary Gambians. The Gambian people are fed up and are not interested in peoples’ personal disputes. Putting food on the table for their families, how to pay for their kids School fees and affordable healthcare cost are some of the pressing issues affecting ordinary Gambians. It seems President Barrow somehow is aware of some of these nonsense taking place around him and in the State House. Some of these people have nothing whatsoever to do at the State House. Access to our President should not be decided by people who threaten to kill or murder follow citizens. I am personally outraged by what I have heard and I hope something is about it or else people will start losing hope. What has happened is unfortunate and surprisng. If you put a bunch of unlettered people to man sensitive areas within a goverment, what you get is complete a disarra.

We need competent and smart people with impeccable character around the President and in public offices. There shall never be business as usual in this new Gambia.

This is my take on events unfolding in The Gambia and within our own UDP. What is happening is not helping hard wokers and I hope that is well understood by those involved in nasty games aimed at driving the country into ungovernable state.
Thank you.

Alhagi Touray


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