Why UDP Remains Solid Despite..

The unfortunate events of the last three weeks have undoubtedly affected the hard working grassroot members of the UDP [United Democratic Party] at home and around the world. The UDP party and the innocent members have been all been accused of many unfounded allegations. As a result, the party is paying a heavy price. UDP and the tireless hard working members have all witnessed unfair barrage of attacks on both their personality and party. UDP as a party is bigger and more important than any one individual, hence all are equal in the eyes of the party leader and the executive. What has been taking place between some individual members had nothing whatsoever to do with UDP. This petty squabbles have not threatened UDP’s solid political structures. The distractors, enemies and haters of UDP must be candid enough to themselves and the people of The Gambia and stop misleading the public. These people have been trying to portray UDP as a party in disarray because of the quarrel and character assasination among some members. The party has no control over members’ private lives. Which party has control over what is completely out of party politics.

The debacle and brouhaha between certain individuals in the party is wholly private and should in no way be affiliated with UDP as a party. In UDP what matters is your membership, loyalty and what you can contribute for the party as an individual member. The overwhelming majority of UDP members have no problems with each other, for they go along peacfully. Let that be the unequivocal message to everyone. UDP is proud to claim to be the only party that welcomes its members as one family and address each other as one family, hence the concept “Touch One, Touch All.”

To confirm the above statement and headline you need to make research and listen to earlier statements of the UDP party leader, Vice President Ousainsou Darboe. A “TRUE” UDP member will not castigate anyone, vilify, insult or make mockery of others. These are attitudes discouraged openly by the UDP leadership in no one certain terms. Within UDP you have thousands and thousands of members and the party is unquestionably the largest political party in the country today. That is undisputable in all corners of the country. Being the largest political party comes with tremendous responsibilities. These responsiblities lies on the shoulder of every UDP member including its leadership.
In UDP you have members and leaders of impeccable character and the leadership always lead with exempel. UDP is Blessed with one thing not found in any other political party, a leader who’s character is enviable and not questioned not only in the Gambian soil but globally as well. Within a spectrum of less than two years as the country’s foreign minister he had put Gambia back on the center of international happenings where the country belongs. The Gambia, and the progress and prosperity of the Gambian people are his first priority.
The recent infighting, character assasination and smear campaign among some so-called UDP members should in no way mirrow the attitude of all grass root members. We have to be mature and clever enough to be capable of distinguishing politics from personal affairs. UDP grass root members are very quiet, decent, self disciplined, respected and humble people who will not disagree with the party leader’s call or advice not to embark on exercising bad behaviour or attitude either in words or action in the name of UDP. He has always said when they low you go high.
What is to be clear in the heads and minds of many UDP haters, and they are many out there, is that the overwhelming majority of UDP members are those members who stick to the party leader’s advice and will never engage themselves in actions that will tarnish the image and the name of UDP and its loyal members. All UDP sons and daughters home and abroad, knowingly or unkmowingly are all ambassadors for UDP where ever they are and what ever they say or do in the name of UDP. Hence, caution is what is needed and we should all conduct ourselves with very good examples. To those UDP people who were on top of each others neck these last few weeks on the social media, did so squarly on their own detriment and their actions contravene the one family one brother policy of UDP. Remember, you are not doing favour for potential new recruits that may see UDP as appealing. UDP in the Gambia is here to stay and we are many UDP bona fides who have dedicated time and energi to reach out to the Gambian masses. We will sensitize the people to the methodology of the issues facing them and the Gambia. This will be done with facts and objectivity unlike our political adversaries. To 0 UDP adversaries waging phycological warfare and information warfare on the whole of UDP we are not the least scared. The message is, do not put all in one comb. Do not try it. It will not work because UDP is bigger than any one individual person. Yes, we can have our challenges, our ups and downs but we come together as that one family and ammicably resolve our mutual concern.

Alhagi Touray


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