Stop Being Oversensitive

It is enough: do what they are doing if you believe you are who you think you are.

Over-sensitivity towards others, lack of self-esteem, and death of sense of pride in oneself as well as taking apologetic approach to irrelevant issues are behind the absense of Mandinka or Mande Groups.

Stop blaming Jolas for Ajamat group, Sarahullehs for Suninkara group, Fullas for Fulbeh groups and Wolof for Mboka group.

If you feel being attacked or labeled for having Mandinka group, that is because the way you see yourself and how that helps them to take you for granted.

Mandinkas say “if small kids agree to catch a bird they must have sensed how it flies.”

You have Mande Cultural group, but few will be keen to join to avoid being labelled a Tribalist.

Kudos to everyone who has sense of belonging to their social group; to promote your heritage and culture doesn’t mean you are better than others.

The Gambia is nothing but different tribes with their distinctive cultural heritages. Promoting these heritaghe is not incumbent on state but on individual groups.

The state is responsible to promote diversity and tolerance and to ensure that everyone is seen and heard.

Stop being over sensitive.

Ni e man lafi e mu menti, e be lafita fena e man ke menti [if you don’t love who you are, you will love what you are not].

Alieu SK Manjang



  1. S.Saidykhan

    Good point Alieu: worse, with such mindset, you’ll follow or imitate someone you shouldn’t…

  2. Baba Khan

    Be proud of who you are. Only then you will leave in peace.

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