OJ’s Sacking Has Nothing To Do With Fertilizer Scandal

By Abdoulie John

The Gambia’s Attorney General and Minister of Justice Aboubacarr Tambadou has denied a possible link between the fertilizer scandal and the sacking of former Agriculture Minister Omar Amadou Jallow.

“The relieve by His Excellency of former minister of agriculture has nothing to do with the fertilizer issue,” Justice Minister Tambadou told reporters during a press conference held at his office in Banjul on Monday.

Last Month, an investigation by Gambian news site Kerr Fatou revealed that some officials of the Ministry of Agriculture were allegedly involved in the unlawful disposal of tons of outdated fertilizer – reportedly taken to neighbouring Senegal. The news report prompted ex-Minister Jallow to take the matter up with the court, claiming 20 million dalasis against the online newspaper.

Tambadou confirmed that his office did receive the report made by a panel of investigators on the case involving officials officials of the said ministry and one Mr. Dibba.

“We are yet to provide our legal advice,” he said.

He further stated that they are conducting a review of the investigation, but was quick to add that his ministry is overwhelmed.

“We deal with a lot of cases. The matter is still under review,” he remarked.

The ‘delay’ to come up with a legal advice has ignited a simmering controversy over possible interference by the Executive.

However, Tambadou allayed these fears by reiterating Gambia gov’t commitment to justice and rule of law, emphasizing that there are other cases that have lasted longer than expected.

He went on to say his Ministry is doing all it can to address this situation, arguing that there is uncomplicated case.

Calls are intensifying for the country’s press body to help settle this matter out of court…


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