We Don’t Have A Lame-duck President

This is a quick reaction to a very good and wise decision by H.E. President Adama Barrow. It could have never come late.

The events of last four to five weeks within the corridors of power in Banjul are having their repercussions now, with the President reshuffling his Cabinet. It seems President Adama Barrow has got enough of all the reported mess, especially at the Ministry of Argriculture where the fertilizer scandal has left Gambians with so many unanswered questions. While the fertilizer scandal was on the air the Faraba Banta deadly disaster struck like a thunderbolt.

But with the current cabinet reshuffle President Barrow has once again demonstrated to Gambians that he is
in full charge and that theree will not be any room for complacency. The President was visibly saddened about what took place in Faraba Banta on June 18 2018. It does not therefore come as a surprise that some heads will roll. The President may feel that his authority is been undermined by some disloyal elements within his administration as evidenced in his Faraba Banta speech describing some people as “wolf in sheep’s clothing”. This fact might prompt the need for quick reshuffle of his cabinet. It is understandable that the President sees the urgency of taking immediate action rather than waiting to see the situation sailed away.

Prrsident Barrow’s reshuffle comes at a time when the occurences of some serious issues have put his government on defensive as well as undermine its credibility. The President’s leadership comes into question to the extent that some people call for his resignation. Now that the President is acting resolutely the critics are hereby assured that we do not have a lame-duck President or a rookie President. Here is a President who is humble, focused and deicisive. He has Gambia in his heart.

The choice of the Vice President could not have been better. The Foreign Ministry is without doubt among the best functionable institutions within the Barrow administration. Hon. Ousainsou Darboe and his ministry have delivered their best to the Gambian people. The records are there for everyone to see. Therefore, no doubt his (Ousainou Darboe’s) appointment will be welcomed by many good Gambians at home and abroad. Hon. Ousainsou Darboe will even do better now as our new Vice President. He is relentless when it comes to The Gambia’s future.

We hope President Barrow will weed out the Minister of Interior and the Director General of SIS [State Intelligence Services].
Congratulations Mr. Darboe and good luck in your new endeavour to service our nation in a different capacity.

Thank you.
Forward with Gambia!

Alhagi Touray


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