Fear Not “Pursuit of Happiness” Events

#OccupyWestfield, # Dafadoy, #SSHFCStaffPrivileges, #NoTapalapa, Next?

No despair, it’s all sign of good times now and even better times ahead. Years ago I told another veteran of the struggle that I find a special meaning in the American Creed of “Right to Live, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”. I told him that we must see these three as steps in a ladder of human progress. First level is fight over Right to Live, followed by Right to Liberty and ultimately Right to Pursuit of Happiness.

That under Yahya [Jammeh’s], Gambians were stuck between level one and two of the ladder and had no time for “Happiness” issues. It was all about not getting killed and staying on the streets even if shell-shocked. This was at a time many see Senegalese “strikes” and “demonstrations” as just a never-ending much to do over nothing. I assured him that once Gambians clear the second bar in the ladder, and they do not have to worry about their lives or liberty, we can brace for their turn in the “Pursuit of Happiness” venture aka “No 24/7 electricity supply”; “No new privileges under my new manager; “No Tapalala”; “No BYM” and by the way “we do not like our Seyfo”.

Can someone tell the “no tapalapa” group to go back to work else “All day Mono [porridge]” folks will steal their show!

I say my friends let’s get use to it. They are not going to bring down the house. These are basic stages in building a strong democratic state. Democracy is all about the PEOPLE TAMING THEIR GOVERNMENT to make it work for them. Just like we tame livestock, wildlife, the great seas or Space to work for mankind. Governments when tamed can do great good for themselves and the people they serve.

So fear not my friend there when you see a “Pursuit of Happiness” event coming near you!

Malanding Jaiteh

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