Why We’ve To Put On Gloves!

We need to be real when we say it is time for work. This is all we need as a country to develop. Let there be young Gambians trained in bread making in both local and modern ways. Our civil servants, carpenters, electricians and market vendors etc, must not treat work as pastime. We have to be progressive and pro-active in whatever we do if we want to be counted among citizens of a developed country.

We cannot depend on foreign businesses for our basic needs. Business men/women will mainly comply when there is competition and rivalry. All we see is political rivalry day in day out. We need rivalries in skills and entrepreneurship as well as organise innovative and productive dialogues.

Our delicious local chickens are in short supply even though chicken consumption continues to go over the roof. This is a serious problem that needs urgent solution. Are we thinking about how to fix the chicken shortage?

The rural-urban migration has dwindled our locally produced bread basket regions. Let teachers, nurses, agric extension workers and educated elites lead the way by getting involved in farming or livestock rearing. Teachers posted in the hinterlands of the country can farm or rear livestock after school. We have wasted significant amount of time procrastinating. It is time to act fast to re-ignite our fast dwindling rural life. Any country that has no lively rural life is doom to fail. It is the food basket of any country where harvest seasons add value to standard of living and quality of life.

After putting bread on the table and acquiring education, getting the right mental orientation must be our next goal. The consciousness of the people does not necessarily demand under-graduate or post-graduate degrees, although these are desired and important in our development process. To cut the long story short, we need a society that is understanding, analytical and prepared to get involved in making adjustments whenever necessary. This is far more better than depending on others to solve what can be done by us. Our pride and dignity are buried in our own efforts and not what we get from elsewhere. Let us now walk the talk. Gambiankolu Doku tumo sita (Gambians it is time for work). Put on your gloves and stop endless talks.

Suntou Bolonba Touray


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