We Can’t Point Fingers To The Past

We can’t point fingers to the past to explain today’s incident. This incident happened under Barrow’s watch. The Faraba mining standoff was in the news for weeks before the fatal shootings. Therefore, it is Barrow’s own failure not to have seen the writings on the wall.

The institutions on the ground were primarily preoccupied with protecting the business properties of the mining businessman- supposedly an acquaintance of President Barrow.

But that these disputes, like the one in Gunjur or land disputes in the country, could turn violent was not forseen or anticipated by President Barrow, interior minister Mballow, land ministry Dibba, IGP Kinteh etc. Which to me is a painfull leadership deficit.

We all acknowledge the difficult transition and the many challenges on the the govt plate. That is why we also equally, continually urge the govt ministers and the president himself to be alert and abide by the utmost probity in what ever transactions they are involved in and decisions they make.

Inviting Seedy Njie and APRC stalwarts few week ago to state house while disputes in the West coast region rages is not a symbol of an exemplary leadership.

Perception counts. If poor communities feel powerless in the face of cronies of the president in their own backyard, then inevitably they will resort to violence to redeem their rights. The president must hear these people NOT the new businessmen in the corridors of power or their interlocutors.

The poor people of the Gambia enabled the ousting of Jammeh and NOT the new businessmen in town. Resources of the communities must be handled with absolute care and foremostly geared to the benefit of that community. A community must have the majority Stake/share in any mining activities going on in the country.

I urge UDP to quickly and unequivocally demand justice for Faraba victims. Otherwise, our demand for SOLO’s killers to face justice will be morally questionable. The victims of Faraba were also killed in cold blood under treacherous conditions.

Kemo Kinteh


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  1. Alhagi Touray

    Kemo Kinteh thank you. You article is short but you touch key issues here. You sum up the problems of President Adama Barrow and the problems our nation is facing today. ,”Leadership” is one problem.

    Inviting Seedy Njie and other APRC hardliners to the State House is a miscalculation and a mockry to many Gambians who fought so hard to bring back sanity in our society.

    The poor people of the Gambia are the one responsible for ousting Yaya Jammeh and APRC. Never should President Adama Barrow forget that. This new government in the Gambia is the government of the people for the people… the very poor people to be precise.

    I agree with you on the role of the UDP in this Faraba horrible incident. UDP being the biggest political party should not stand idle but instead play an active role so that justice is seen to be done here.

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