Let’s Not Lose Our Minds!

A national tragedy occured yesterday and there is nothing that can justify the killings of innocent and unarmed civilians. The people of Faraba Banta are within their democratic rights to demonstrate and voice out their concern when their community is being threatened by the large scale sand mining.

But we should all put our heads together and condemn what has taken place and mourn with the families of those killed. Within the course of 24 hours of this horrible and tragic event some amongst us are trying to gain political points out of a national disaster. Two young and potential future leaders of our country have been gunnef down by security forces who swore to protect them. This is what we should be addressing and how to put those responsible to face justice. Some, and not all civil society activists have already started the blame game by singling out Hon. Ousainou Darboe and President Barrow personally for what happened yesterday at Faraba Banta. What has transpired at Faraba is in no way personal and has nothing whatsoever to do with Mankamang Kunda or Bansang as one so-called American Gambian activist wrote on Standard Newspaper yesterday. We should not  hasten to place judgement. Let the investigstion take its course as promised by the responsible authorities in Banjul. What is clear is that what happened is a collective responsiblity, although the coalition government is headed by President Barrow. The coalition government should be held accountable and not an individual. The Minister of Interior and the Inspector General of Police should also be held accountable and a thorough investigation launched without further delay. The nation wants to know who is responsible for ordering the paramilitary and why the use of live ammunition against innocent and unarmed villagers.

The arrest, maltreatment and unlawful detention of a journalist at the scene is completely unacceptable. The president should personally assure the Gambia media that they will not be a target under his watch as long as they are doing their job. The scene at Faraba Banta village has become the work place of all Gambian journalist hence they have all rights to be there without fear.

We have said it all along that we the supporters of this new government will never shy to give kudos and critics where it is due. We will hold our leaders, meaning all leaders within the coalition government, accountable for whatever good or bad in the country. Yesterday should have been the mother of all press conferences by the ”suspected” Minister of Argiculture but look instead what we got. Very sad indeed.
It is time, and time is never late to embark on a complete overhaul of all security institutions in the Gambia and reform them from the ground up.The Gambia Civil Service needs to be looked into so that all bad elememts are removed. When Halifa Sallah said in Europe that what we have in the Gambia is a regime change and not system change we all went bombastic on him. We failed to understand that sometimes in poltics you can both disagree and agree with your enemies where the national interest of the country is at stake.

I am just wondering what Halifa Sallah is thinking in his brain? Is it I told you this!
For President Barrow, if there has never been a waking clock: this is the waking clock for him to wake up with both eyes widely open. No doubt, we have rotten apples in our midst and within the system as well. Unless these rotten apples are identified and removed the country will remain in uncertain waters. Haters will always hate and the accommodation strategy by President Adama Barrow of former regime enablers has proven to be fatal for his government.

We commend our President for the prompt visit of the wounded at the FSTH in Banjul in contrast to Yahya Jammeh who cares less. What took place yesterday in Faraba Banta village has no room anywhere in the new Gambia today. We conde it in the strongest term possible.

Our prayers go to those who are killed and wish quickest recovery for the injured.

May ALLAH Bless our country with peace and security.
Thank You.

Alhagi Touray


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