Kentucky: Senegambians Celebrate Young Gambian Scholar

By Alhassan Darboe, GunjurNewsonline

The Senegambian community of Lexington and Kentucky on June 1st,2018 converged at Lexington Oakwood center to celebrate and pray for Omar Pa Mambuna Bojang, a gifted and serious young academic of Gunjur origin. Omar Bojang ,son of Pa Mambuna Bojang  of Kombo Gunjur graduated from High school and is set to start his academic career in the Fall at the Prestigious Transylvania University majoring in Biology.

Omar Bojang speaking to GunjurNewsonline on the sidelines at his graduation revealed that he plans on heading off to medical school as soon he finishes his undergraduate degree at the prestigious Transylvania university. “I am very grateful to my parents (Bintou and Mambuna Bojang) for all their support and being such great parents. I have been doing research as a high school student part time at University at Kentucky. I used to spend half the day at school and the other half doing research at the university of Kentucky but now I will be researching full time at the University for the summer”.                                                  

For his part, Pa Mambuna Bojang,the proud father of the young scholar added:”We will continue to invoke Allah’s blessings as we push Omar to redouble his efforts in bringing his dream into fruition. With a career in academia for the past two decades, I have seen how education transformed so many young lives. I am therefore very grateful to Allah (swt) for keeping Omar on track as he continues to raise the bar high for his four younger sisters. In the words of the late Nelson Mandela, “It is through education that the daughter of a miner could become the head of the mine.” Pa Mambuna an influential member of the Gambian Lexington community concluded.

Speaking at the reception Bintou Cham Bojang, a visibly overjoyed and elated mother of the young and high-flying scholar thanked the Senegambian community for coming together to celebrate and pray for her son noting that that the joy and gratitude she feels are so extraordinary to be easily expressed in ordinary words with an ordinary tongue. “I am so happy today and very grateful to everyone who took time out of their busy schedule to attend and support this reception”.

Also speaking at the reception Sulayman Darboe the president of Senegambian community “KAFO” in Lexington was full of praise for the young and promising scholar noting that Omar is an inspiration to young African and immigrant kids in Lexington and America in general given the struggle immigrants go through to raise their kids in a foreign country and in a culture different from one obtained in their parent’s country of origin.

“For me, there isn’t much I can say on this joyous occasion for the Senegambian community. Omar is a focused young scholar, trail blazer and a shining example for our immigrant kids in this community to emulate.

Karl Dembo Jatta, who trekked all the way from Ohio to attend the reception congratulated the young scholar while cautioning him not to rest on his laurels but to strive to be the best he can ever become. “Omar, I am happy today, but I won’t be too happy until I come back here in the next four years to celebrate your graduation with nothing short of high honors from your university.”.

Abdurahman Bojang, uncle to Omar  from Louisville Kentucky, Sulayman and Yaqub Darboe from Tennessee all expressed similar sentiments and wished the young scholar well in his pursuit to become a doctor in his beloved  community of Lexington, Kentucky.


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  1. S.Saidykhan

    Time does really fly!
    Bintou – Mbaring Muso , I remember when you relocated out west in the mid 90s when we were all in Silver Spring to join Mambuna.
    Mambuna – Ke’- what can I say, but to thank and congratulate you for taking care of Bintu and the young family well. May the Almighty guide the younger ones to follow their older brother’s footsteps. And may Allah continue to bless you and the family!

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