Bensouda Gives Pragmatic Response To Presidential Ambition!

To quickly put an end to what has been seen as a calculated ploy by UDP [United Democratic Party] enemies to create a rift within the party, Mr. Talib Ahmed Bensouda, the Mayor-elect of Kanifing Municipal Council, has debunked some wild speculations. Some so-called diasporans were quick to suggest Mr. Bensouda as the next UDP leader. These diasporans blew the whistle that the young, smart and dynamic Bensouda could be the next president of the Gambia. Instead of congratulating Mr. Bensouda on his well deserved victory in the Mayral race, the wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing have put spanners at work. These are the same very diasporans in the United States that had earlier complained that Mr. Bensouda is “too young and inexperienced to run as Mayor in KMC.” They accused him of being a privileged non-Gambian citizen. There is nothing insulting and painful than calling a bona-fide Gambian a non-citizen. All this aimed to discredit the man who knows no other country other than The Gambia. It was clear that the KMC voters knew best to prevent outsiders from deciding the race. Bensouda team conducted one of the most sophisticated and well-coordinated election campaigns in our country’s history, ignoring personal attacks, insults and mudslingings.

After Mr. Bensouda’s victory, the same UDP enemies reframe their rhetoric branding him the next potential President. What these people failed to understand is that UDP is a party with structures. It is unlike other political parties. Bensouda understands and acknowledges which is why he vehemently denies harbouring any future presidential ambitions. He sees himself as a Mayor-elect who wants to work for the betterment and advancement of KMC. Mr. Bensouda describes himself as a man with UDP blood who supports President Barrow.

These haters of UDP will always come in all shapes, forms and manners, which makes this new approach less surprising. They will be exposed and disgraced. Mr. Bensouda’s statement that “I have UDP blood in me” should be a clear message to wolves in sheep’s clothing, who at first, ridiculed him, calling him all names. When their plot to discredit and paint him bad in the eyes of voters have failed, the haters now want to create seeds of division within the UDP by pitting Bensouda against the party’s leadership. This is only to alienate the current UDP leader all because of their profound hatred for Mr. Ousainou Darboe. Without speaking in name of UDP, everyone knows the party’s leadership selection will not be decided by Facebook or social media worriors. The party has its structures and conducts its leaders through a written procedure.

Talib Ahmed Bensouda and for that matter any Gambian citizen can contest to be the President of the Republic of The Gambia if he/she meets qualification criteria. As a party, the UDP selects its leaders and the Gambian voters decide the President. If that happens to be Peter Gomez, Sainey Camara, Fafa Njie, Mama Minteh, Kaddy Sarr, Pateh PJ, then so be it.

At this point in time Mr. Bensouda’s focus is to rebuild the whole of development deprived KMC. Let us all come together to support him. Bensouda’s five point plan will surely move municipality to an unprecedented level.

Alhagi Touray


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