Foday Deserves What He Gets

I am a concerned native of Jappineh village. It is a place I still call my dearest village even though I am thousands of miles away. But I don’t blame this useless, aimless and shameless womanizer in the person of FODAY LANG SARR, the Satanic thug. I blame those who want to make this senseless, physical thuggish behavior to go unpublished. I am 100% sure that Foday and his co thugs will be free men walking on the streets of Jappineh soon. Our elders in Jappineh will soon call one another to mediate and resolve this issue, blaming the bullish act as the work of Satan. These bandits deserve punishment for taking the law into their own hands. If I were the judge presiding over this case, I would make sure that Foday Lang Sarr and co are locked until after Eid prayers. They don’t deserve any iota of freedom. The victims should press charges against their aggressors because they need to pay the price of their crime. Their behaviour was senseless and heartless and it shouldn’t allow to go away unpunished. There shouldn’t be involvement of any slightest Nuimikaya and Jarrakaya here. Do these people think of Nuimi-Jarra Treaty when they were beating the victims like animals? So why should Foday’s victims think about that now? Foday Lang Sarr and co deserve to be in  Mile2 Prison. Let them suffer there so that it serves as deterrent to others. That’s a fair game. Isn’t it?



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