Well Done President Barrow!

“Those of us who understand and appreciate the symbolism of British pomp, pageantry and protocol know that no one gets to sit next to the Queen [Elizabeth II] at an official state dinner at Buckingham Palace or anywhere else for that matter, by accident or happenstance, but by deliberate consideration of the Monarch and by special invitation only.

So, there is President Barrow of the Gambia, placed next to the Queen at last week’s state dinner at the Palace.

Notwithstanding how we as Gambians feel about him, his performance in office or even his gaffe earlier this week at the Q and A at Chatham House, we can all come together to recognise this high honor given to him and our nation and to celebrate this moment for what it’s worth.

I cherish this rare moment to say “well done President Barrow”.

While I have not been able to say these words for a longtime now, I pray and hope that there are many more moments in the not too distant future where I can say “Well done President Barrow”, over and over again, and to perhaps even more meaningful achievements. Until then, I feel really proud of this moment.”

James Orehmie Monday

Culled from Facebook


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