‘Money Smart Week Is A Gift’

Kairo Radio Financial Empowerment Center is pleased to be part of the commemoration of Money Smart Week in the United States. This year’s Money Smart Week is scheduled between April 21 and 28.

Pioneered by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago in 2002, the Money Smart Week creates public awareness campaign in all the 50 states. It is designed to help consumers better manage their personal finances. This is achieved through the collaboration and coordinated efforts of over thousands of organizations within the United States. These organisations include Businesses, Financial Institutions, Schools, Libraries, Non-profits, Government Agencies and the Media.

Money Smart Week is a gift to all demographic groups and people of all income levels. During the week, financial experts answer questions on personal financial matters as well as provide sound personal management and investment tips. It is a program that must not be ignored by anyone that is trapped in financial quagmire or struggling to make sound financial investment decision.

If you live in the United State, don’t hesitate to bask into the blessings of Money Start Week. Remember, the bank in your neighbourhood could also be a participant of Money Smart Week. For any information on the program, visit www.moneysmartweek.org.

In addition, Kairo Radio’s Financial Empowerment provides information in its program today, reminding listeners about the significance of Money Smart Week.

For us to get on financial success ladder, we must go out and seek knowledge and interact with the experts. Always reach out to Kairo Radio’s Financial Empowerment Center whenever you have question or contribution on financial matters. Together we can heal our financial worries.

Kemo Barrow


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