Who Says There Is No “BIG” Party In The Gambia?


For those who deny and doubt the fact that there exist a “big” political party in the Gambia, the United Democratic Party (UDP) provides them yet another overwhelming evidence that even in politics there is no equality. The results of the just concluded area council elections are loud and clear that the UDP is irrefutably the Gambia’s largest political party. UDP did well in the polls more than any other political party, pulled the largest votes as well as won more wards. However, the party could have performed even better in some parts of the country, which is why there is need for a post-election analysis to be conducted to evaluate what went wrong in the areas that the part had been outperformed or beaten. If your guess is as good as mine you will know the direction I am pointing at. Without hesitation, Mama Kandeh is clueless in economics and certainly he has no solution, vision or program for the daunting task ahead in pulling our nation out of poverty and assure us economic freedom. Remember 22 years have been wasted on nonsense like “Putampaf” a (pimp like festival), endless jamborees in Kanilai and around the country.

Mama Kandeh should know that Gambians don´t want to be seen as mere beggars, they want to be shown a decent way of earning their own decent income. We don´t want a leader who promises us 50 bags of cement tomorrow without revealing the source of that money. Mama Kandeh, the Gambian people don´t want to vote in a president only for the same leader to turn his back on them and tear down the already built infrastructure.

This is what Mama Kandeh recently  demonstrated to the Gambian people who sent Yahya Jammeh packing to Equatorial Guinea. People of the Gambia, have you ever heard Mama Kandeh speak on what he will do on Education, Health Care, Agriculture, the Economy and Infrastructure? No! This is because Mama Kandeh and his GDC can only capitalize on the poverty and the vulnerability of the Gambian masses by giving them handouts instead of paving the way for them to become self-sustainable.
Folks, do not be surprise if the weeks and months ahead show more support for Mama Kandeh and his GDC from the enemies of UDP. As usual, flip-flopping is their trade mark especially when Halifa Sallah and his PDOIS failed horribly in the councillorship elections. I doubt if the party will ever recover from the shock to the extent of doing magic in the 2021. I think that party belongs to the graveyard or at least they should try something new… like a young and vibrant leader. Don´t tell me there is a shortage of that in the whole of PDOIS political arsenal. But no one will never dare challenge Hallifa Sallah´s authority despite his repeated catastrophic performance in the polls.

We now understand the harshness played by Fabakary Tombong Jatta, Yankuba Collay and Seedy Njie this past year. It was all about KGII`s (Kanilai Group Investment International) stolen cash from the Gambian people that had been bonding these fools into talking stupid. The revelations at the ongoing commission of inquiries are beyond human understanding. NO CASH MEANS NO APRC, a fact that everyone today knows.

THE GREAT UDP leader Ousainou Darboe and his executive have every reasons to smile and celebrate their years of hard work. Kudos to the UDP leadership and supporters both home and abroad. We salute you for a job well done. The victory of UDP is borne out of collective hard work of all peace loving Gambians who selfishly see the interest of our beloved country than anything else.

To all the sons and daughters of THE GREAT UDP, do not be naive or comfortable with your strength, power, and size. Instead be vigilant with your opponents and never underestimate them. Strive hard to achieve your ultimate goal of guaranteeing peace and harmony in the country. Your victory is translated into complete political freedom and economic prosperity for our country. Let the doubters doubt and the dreamers dream but the unborn sons and daughters of this great nation will stand head up and thank the leaders of UDP for allowing them to enjoy liberty and the pursuit of happiness. When this happens — whether in the presence of our present leaders or not –history will be on the side of of all those who perished in trying to build a better Gambia for all. These include the late Solo Sandeng, Femi, Peters, Kalilou Saidykhan and many others who all gave their lives for their country and people.



Forward with Gambia

Forward with UDP!

Alhagi Touray


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