Ousainou Darboe Is Vindicated Again

After his foes accused him of signing an unfounded document aimed at returning Gambian migrants from Germany, Foreign Affairs Minister’s enemies had gone to another level by crafting yet lie against him. When the Germany story bites the dust, the skillful liars this time soiled Ousainou Darboe’s name with the deportation of some Gambian migrants from the United States. Mr. Darboe has all along said he never signed a document for the deportation of Gambians and will never commit himself to something that will be detrimental to the nation and the people.

Mr. Darboe has said he was not even in the country when the German President visited the Gambia. Then he asked the rhetorical question: “how can I sign a document when I was not in the place physically?” The first victim of any information warfare as always is the truth and it was very welcoming for the Gambian people and the nation that the American Embassy eventually came out quickly and clear the air once and for all. It was evident that no amount of money had either been given to our government for the deportation of Gambian migrants from America.

Some hard core foes of Mr. Darboe wanted to gain political points from the tragic conditions of some unfortunate Gambian returnees, blaming the government for not doing for the deportees. This is how some amongst them are ready to go just to gain something for themselves and only for themselves. The tragedy of the deportees is not just a tragedy for the deportees but for the families and to a larger extent to the country as a whole. These are breadwinners of their families who work hard and earn decent money.

The law is the law and every nation not excluding the Gambia has its laws and regulations which are to be followed if one chooses to live in that land. Shortage of following the law can bring one in to confrontation or conflict with law enforcement agency. That is common sense.

It is unfair for any Gambian to lay blame on the government or the foreign minister if they fall in this category. These returnees have been taken care of by the government despite some of them bent on fabricating malicious and unfounded allegations agains the foreign minister and the government.

Even after all the facts have been in the public domain, Mr. Darboe’s foes continue to trade lies upon lies. Just recently, a new liar penned an article on freedom newspaper, accusing Honorable Darboe of nepotism and that he wanted to turn the Gambia into a one party state. The article writer, one MC Cham jr., was very unhappy that some government civil servants hailed from Mr. Darboe’s birth village of Bansang. Mr. Cham jr. seems to be very worried and unease with the strength and force being demonstrated by the UDP across the country. If you are scared of the UDP’s conquering, then brace yourself for more disappointments because you cannot stop the party’s wind sweeping across the country. This is just the beginning. How many Ambassadors were recruited from our capital Banjul and what is the relationship of these diplomats to Mr. Darboe? Zero. You see, we have said it before, in the new Gambia there is no room for cherry-picking. Why did you single out Bansang and leave out Banjul?

Mr. Cham’s accusations are baseless and groundless. His statement that Mr. Darboe wants to make the Gambia a one party state clearly indicates that he may be living in another planet and not the Gambia. Turning the Gambia into one party state is in the hands of the electorate. They can do that especially when they feel the solution to the country’s problem lies within the vision and policies of UDP and voted overwhelmingly for the party in every election. Will you still blame Mr. Darboe turning Gambia into a one party state should electorate see their salvation in the party? That is called the choice of the people. Mr. Darboe is a True Democrat and a father of a nation figure who will never be a dictator. Mr Darboe has said in many occasions that he is the servant of the Gambian people and he even advice all civil servants to adhere to the interest of the country and in the spirit of nation building. If you don’t like the man that is your God given right but crafting slander against him is not your constitutional right. Only sincerity with our words and deeds will lead us to the Promised Land.

Thank you.
Forward with the Gambia.

Alhagi Touray


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