Halifa Doesn’t Prevent Civil War

I cannot allow Mr. Musa Camara to go away with the content of his article titled The Broken Gavel – Halifa Sallah v Madam Denton (A Rejoinder) a challenge.

In the said Mr. Camera wrote: “when displaying leadership was consequential to have prevented a civil war in our country, during the political impasse in December 2016, Mr. Sallah paid his dues beyond the call of duty. I will ask Mr. Kora to tell us the whereabouts of his heroes from the Bansang elites and the UDP during that crisis; and whereabouts of his president-elect whom, more than any other human being on earth, had the legitimate claim to the presidency.”

The above statements have the hallmark of indoctrination and lack of security concerns because in Mr. Camara’s mind, Mr. Sallah is the only one who prevented civil war or successfully helped the country to be where it is today forgetting that we have countless patriotic citizens who put their lives on the line to salvage the country from military dictatorship. In the process, some were killed, imprisoned, exiled and lost their entire business. Mr Camara’s statements reminded me of the conduct of the so-called “The Gambia has decided” who put postcards everywhere in The Gambia during final days of dictatorship (impasse) and claimed credit for their political activism that resulted to removal of the dictator from the country. Today The Gambia has decided is considered heroes in some quarters when in fact these people refused to participate in the UDP-led peaceful protest and claimed it was uncivilized people disturbing their peace at the time. What an absurd and dishonest belief or propaganda! When UDP was taking confrontational approach towards dictatorship, PDOIS leadership was busy writing an appeasement letter or unsolicited advice to Yaya Jammeh. During the impasse, Mr. Sallah spoke on behalf of coalition and whatever he said was never his personal opinion only but it was collective ideas or strategies of opposition coalition. Mr Sallah has never been successful in politics without UDP help.

President-elect Barrow being in Senegal at the time was one of the best decisions ever made by West Africa leaders as far as Gambian political crisis was concerned at the time but political idiots will never understand that because in their narrow mind, Mr Barrow should have stayed and get kill by the dictatorship. The killing of President Barrow would have plunged the country into civil war. So for Mr Carama to ask the whereabouts of President Barrow is the stupidest question that an indoctrinated political disciple could ask. When terrorists attack occurred in USA on September 11, 2001, former President Bush was taken to safest location despite the USA having greatest fighting military power in the world. USA having missile defense system, bunkers busting capabilities and other high tech military hardwares were able to safely place the President in the best safe location. In the case of poor Gambia, the opposition coalition has no military forces or even unarmed police forces while close to fifty thousand people already left the country. Still we have some political idiots who believe that President Barrow should have stayed in the country and risked his life. This argument is usually made by people who did not believe or want change in The Gambia. These are PDOIS, GDC and APRC supporters. Some are the agents of military dictatorship. Anyone who continues to make this argument is either too ignorant about our political situation at the time or simply want the destruction of the country.




  1. Valid points

  2. Lamin Joof Jawara

    Halifa Sallah; keep on putting him up to the sky…anytime and how you wish to do it, but you can never make him what he is not. We have seen the root that the new political dispensation is taking. We will still remain big fools, but you the so call wise or interlectuals cannot fool we the foolish …isn’t it interesting?

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