GRTS, Please Start A Program On Democracy

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  1. Saul said “The good news is, unlike the “Gambia Has Decided” gang who USED Jammeh’s organized chaos to get rich, genuine activists know the struggle against the Jammeh dictatorship in Gambia DID NOT start on December 9th, 2016, but over twenty years earlier”.

    You have brilliantly and honestly articulated the hypocrisy of so called “Gambia has decided” gang who are working hard to hijack our democracy. These people believe in Baboon works and money eat philosophy. None of these people were even noticeable in the country when Jammeh was killing , looting and jailing innocent citizens. I have never heard about Dr Ceesay even though I knew majority of faculty members at the university of The Gambia. Dr Ceesay is like White House party crashers who were caught uninvited because they wanted to be seen and known .

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