Why Women Need Chance To Reason

The most valuable right is the right to reason and think. Africans and other impoverished nations are being trapped to feel hungry and look for how to feed themselves instead of thinking and reasoning about how they are feeding the world. We are not given the chance to reason and understand the fact without Africa there will be no raw materials for cars, mobile phones, computers, diamond watches and food stuff. We are forced to believe that we are the problem of the world instead of the solution to it and that we are the consumers of the materials not the makers of it.

The same scenario is applicable to state of women across the world. The unfortunate reality of the world is that men don’t give change to women to reason and think about how valued they are as compared to men. In the name of unfounded freedom, women are forced to believe that they are cheap objects for men’s emotional or heart satisfaction.

They are forcefully taught to flesh their bodies in the name of freedom for men desires; they are compelled to objectify themselves for men on magazine covers, fashion shows, in fashion shops, in clubs and bars, in films and in sport games; women are forced by men to believe that their outfit and outlook equate experience and qualifications to occupy a position; women are compelled to deform their natural endowments and undergo surgeries just to please men. They are also compelled by men to believe that they are source their soft sexual desire.

Women should answer the question of why they are tolerated to please men in public through their superficial outlooks and not vice-visa?

To claim truth rights for Allah’s creation that produce and reproduce, women’s right activists should work first towards correcting these stereotypes, which are being promoted by feminists themselves some of who are obsessed with altering their natural endowments in the name of freedom and rights. Is this the type of freedom that will advance and dignify women?

Unless this is done, women will remain sexual objects in their matrimonial houses, prone to sexual assaults in insecure environments and that general violence against women will increase. As we celebrate International Women’s Day today, let us take a deeper look into the role of women in the advancement of societies. Women definitely need meaningful empowerment.

Alieu SK Manjang


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