What Voting For Rambo Means

Who doesn’t remember Ousman Rambo Jatta during the dark days of the APRC’s brutal regime? The New Gambia is today a democratic country otherwise the likes of Rambo should be banned to run for public office for a specific period of time. The track record of Rambo Jatta is so fresh in people’s mind that whatever little credibility left with him has been lost. Here is a guy who was once affiliated with the UDP but went astray and joined the APRC for his self-enrichment. He fulfilled that self-enrichment when he came close to the former Gambian monster President Yaya Jammeh. All what Rambo Jatta did in the previous APRC government was to steal as much as he could. The evidence of this became clear when he (Rambo Jatta) faced the on going commission of inquiry.

Rambo Jatta was given six fishing vessels by Yahya Jammeh to create ghost jobs for the youths. Rambo was given the vessels in his capacity as the self-appointed youth mobilizer of the now paralyzed APRC. The vessels were meant to engage the Gambia’s jobless youths into a meaningful activity. What happens next is what has been happening everywhere in the APRC led government. Corruption mismanagement and stealing of public funds. Hence the six fishing vessels were not accountable in the form of income generation or job creation for jobless youths. Instead Rambo Jatta used the income derived from the vessels to build himself a mansion and lives a flamboyant lifestyle.

When grilled at the commission of inquiry to account for the income generated from the fishing vessels, Rambo Jatta said he used to note the income in an exercise book. This exercise book was left in a car he was using and that the car vanished with the exercise book hence there was no room for accountability. This narrative of events holds no water because it leaves Rambo untrustworthy.

How then can someone with such a terrible track record of lies, fraud and inconsistency is seeking to run for public office, let alone a mayoral position in one of largest municipalities in the country.

Despite Rambo Jatta’s many dirts, some Gambians are trying to defend the undefendable. These people they are fine with them as long as he does not belong to the UDP. If Rambo Jatta fails to account for the proceeds of the six fishing vessels, how on earth do you expect him to live up to expectations with regards to running and administering the KMC? Yes, thanks to the Gambian people we have democracy in our country that allows corrupt and dishonest people like Rambo Jatta to seek public office.

The electorate of KMC have to choose between good and bad. My advise to KMC voters is to vote overwhelmingly for Talib Bensouda, the young loaded UDP mayoral candidate. I am convinced beyond reasonable doubt that Mr. Bensouda will not enrich himself at the detriment of poor KMC tax payers. Mr. Bensouda is very well acquainted with the issues facing the whole of KMC and his priority will be to fix the monumental problems facing the country’s largest and richest municipal council.

Yankuba Colley, an APRC Mayor has been running KMC for almost ten years, yet taxpayers have not reaped any benefit. All they got was an insult to name a major Serekunda road after the none performing Mayor. Instead of providing necessary services for the KMC residents, taxpayers money was diverted on sponsoring the APRC political activities and lining up pockets. Instead of being a servant of the people of KMC Yankuba Colly put all his energy on the APRC. As the political mobiliser of the APRC criminal cartel, Colley will have nothing to boast of.

Voting for Rambo Jatta who is the lame duck candidate for APRC is tantamount to officialising corruption, unaccountability and backwardness. The APRC has been there for over two decades without caring about the well-being and prosperity of the people. Many Gambians are perplexed as to why one would waste precious time and energy on campaigning for election of Rambo Jatta. In the new Gambia wonders never cease to happen. Some among us only see self interest rather than national interest.
Give your votes to Mr. Talib Bensoda for a developed and progressive KMC.

Alhagi Touray


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