Who Says UDP Conquers Not?


Seeing the crowd at the United Democratic Party (UDP) rally at Dampha Kunda in Upper River Region is a clear testimony that the party is an integral part of the Gambian political establishment. It is a party that grows by the hour. Let us remember that Dampha Kunda is just one small piece of the bigger cake. If this mixed village can pull such a record crowd of people, how about the rest of the country? Like it or dislike it, the UDP is not an ordinary political party. It is rooted in the heart of almost every Gambian. Even those who deny and disagree with the vision of the party, recognise the power of the UDP. You cannot take UDP out of the Gambian fabric, equally you cannot take the Gambia out of UDP. The two are intertwined, period. The UDP, the party of the common people, has already made history and played a vital role like no other party in the Gambia. Its members have given their blood, soul and limb so that everyone enjoys democracy, freedom, and liberty we are basking in today. The UDP will always lead and others follow because the vision and the future of the Gambia and the Gambian people lies within the party. This has to be obvious by our present and future leaders of the party. In UDP you have all categories of Gambians being represented, although haters and jealous-laden folks keep peddling Jammeh’s outdated narrative that the party belongs to Mandinkas. The “unschooled”, the skilled, unskilled, the famers, the civil servants and literate all can comfortably call UDP a family home. It is a party by all, for all and of all. The UDP provides a platform that unites Gambians to fight their fight until victory is attained. Get on the Yellow Bus, it is never late to do so.


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