Gambia – New Home Of Right Groups

Dampha wears double caps: that of a journalist and human rights activist!

The defeat of Gambian Dictator has given birth to proliferation of non-governmental organisations in the Gambia. Some organisations — active or dormant — have come back to life while new ones are either registered or lined up for registration. All of them, among others, aim to either support, promote, guard or protect the rights of the citizenry to avoid a recurrence of gross violations of human rights in the West African nation. The Gambia under Yahya Jammeh rule was turned into a fertile ground for gross violations of human rights resulting to arbitrary arrest, disappearance, torture and extrajudicial killing.The newest human rights organisation lining up for registration is the Center for Human Rights and Democracy (CHRD). Apart from promoting human rights and development globally, the new organisation intends to conduct research, document and issue publications with a view to educating and informing the public on civic and political rights and responsibilities.

“CHRD shall collaborate with local and international organisations and agencies involved in the promotion and protection of human rights and the rule of law,” a founder member of the new group Yaya Dampha tells Kairo News. “We will especially encourage a close and effective network of African human rights defenders and organisations,” Mr. Dampha adds. “We will also adopt any other reasonably necessary or appropriate method achieve CHRD’s objectives.”

He says the organisation will prioritise the capacity building and training of all stakeholders in the realisation of human rights promotion, protection and fulfilment. “CHRD will work with regional and international institutions to strengthen the protection of human rights, development and democracy. It is also our goal to promote national and international that guarantee human and people’s rights. Our function will be broad because it encompasses holding governments and their agents accountable as well as seek legal redress for those who have their rights infringed on.”


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