Gambians Want More Than Justice

Terang (Jarra name for Yahya Jammeh’s) now sees the reality that Truth conquers and lasts forever!

The idea of seeking justice in post Jammeh era is simply seeking the truth. The Lack of truth has caused our country dearly. So no matter how long it takes, the truth must always remain and it is everlasting. It is the truth that must not be forgotten which is why everyone is calling for justice. With truth, there is peace of mind and defeat of deceptions and lies. This is the fundamental lesson every decent human being who has moral values and respect for fundamental truth and justice must have in the back of their mind when embarking on every action or deed in both private and public services. It is also the lesson our citizens and leaders must always strive hard to live and die for. Our heroes like Solo Sardeng and others believed in the fundamental truth which was why despite the powerful nature of lies and deceptions, they put their lives on the line to defend the truth for the sake of our country and her people. As Gambians, we must always remain steadfast to fight for what is morally and constitutionally right and truthful even if we face mountains of hindrance and detractors. This was also the belief the leaders with moral values recognized at the time and challenge the untruthful state of affairs. So the deceptions and lies were challenged in every step of the way despite limited support for the truth at the time.

It is amazing to see so-called “the owner of the country” being homeless or stateless despite imaginary ownership of the country. Dictator Jammeh is now learning from his own evil deeds since he was never truthful with Gambian people. The most intriguing part of the horrific legacy of military dictatorship is that the people who shamelessly defended, abused, looted and violated the rights of the citizenry are the same people who are also exposing their evil deeds in the public because of the country’s desire to see the truth revealed. Even heartless people among these corrupt or criminal elements who still want to hide the holy truth are being exposed by their counterparts. A lesson everyone must learn and inculcate in both private and public services.

As I watch the Janneh commission and current events in the country, I reflect on truth being so sacred or divine philosophy that strategically determine the conditions of citizenry and the country. It is also the basic foundation for any civilized society which strives for peaceful existence and genuine progress. Dictator Jammeh who once claimed that “his great great grandchildren will never be poor” because of deception and lies is now being confronted with truth which is leading victory lane over his lies. The so-called personal progress and wealth Jammeh bragged about at the time was based on illegal and immoral activities that lacked truth. As time progresses, Jammeh’s falsehoods and deceptions are indeed in the process of complete defeat by the very truth he pretended never existed or was afraid of. Today he wish he had lived truthful life during his presidency so that he would enjoy his retirement in Kanilai. But the truth which he had considered an enemy is now confronting him in a foreign land where he has no permanent friends or family members to truthfully defend him. In essence, Jammeh’s daily life is all about battling psychological reality that Truth exists and is everlasting. Even his host Dictator Teodoro Obiang cannot defeat the truth and with time Jammeh will one day finally be handed over to Gambian people to face the truth he denied his own people. Who would have thought that truth which was almost buried in Jammeh’s years in power is now prominently revealing in his lifetime? This reality is kicking while he lives in exile detached from family, friends and associates.

During 22 years of deception and lies in Jammeh’s Gambia, the truth which was considered irrelevant and non-existent, is now being sought in the form of justice by not only the victims but also the enablers who are so desperate to clear their guilt in the court of public opinion. When Jammeh was in power, the truth was also considered dangerous, unspoken, and to large extent, an idea of “not wanting to enjoy National cake” by people with deceptive character.

However, few men and women who have moral fortitudes and love of their country readily defended divine truth with their blood and sweat so that basic foundation of rule of law, justice, democracy and lasting economic development will be laid for foreseeable future. Their idea of truthfulness and honesty are now a realistic feeling sweeping across the country in the form of freedom of expression and rights to personal development or pursuit of happiness.

Therefore, seeking truth is a moral and constitutional responsibility of every Gambian. The truth has and will always set our country free. The love of country is simply being truthful in carrying out responsibility to improve the lives of the citizenry. With truth, there will be peace of mind and progressive ideas for personal development and nation building. Let us stand for truth no matter the several hurdles we might be confronted with. That is my take.



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