‘It’s Simply A Shameful Act’

Imam Ceesay allaying fears!

Many people have been calling me asking me to speak on the current affair of our country. This is the time when the people we employ and pay to secure us have failed us. They have betrayed us. Don’t they know they swore to execute their function and duty without bias? These people choose to do a totally different thing. These security officers deliberately twist the truth. Don’t they know they will be judged by Allah for betraying our trust.

It’s a shame for traitors to land at our airport and walk out freely. The people who free them know they have betrayed us. We pay all their expenses and give them cars yet they turn back on us when we need them the most. Don’t they know they have signed an agreement with Allah?

You hear fanatics calling people in the West kafir (non-believers). I bet what happens at our airport will trigger mass resignations of security chiefs in the West. Unfortunately, that is not the case in the Gambia where no one takes the blame. The good news is that Jammeh and his traitors have been weakened. I have been baffled beyond understanding when i hear some people peddalng fears that Yahya Jammeh and his godless traitors are coming back to take over power.  Were they not the same people who looted our resources, kill innocent people and bragged to remain in power forever? Haven’t we seen the traitor and his evil gang packed up and left for exile during broad daylight? It was then they knew that all Power belongs to Allah alone. Like Fir’awn, the evil dictator understood that Allah does not support infidels.

Another baffling story making the rounds is lies that Casamance rebels are ready to invade the Gambia. Rebels who have been waging separatist rebellion in Casamance for over 40 years without invading or conquering a single village. They talk as if there is no Gambian citizen worthy of protecting their country. Casamance rebel who could not fight their own fight and win cannot do any harm to us. God willing, there will  not be any war in the Gambia. I am not concerned about the rebels; I am rather ashamed of the behaviour of our security forces. Any bonafide citizen will protect their country to the fingertip.

Let all of them come home if they believe in themselves. Even Yahya Jammeh can come home if he is a real man. Let them come so we can have them locked up in our cells. That’s better than having them hiding elsewhere. Let all of them come home if they believe in themselves. Another good news is that the collaborators of the traitors have been exposed. What a perfect opportunity to sweep away all the rotten potatoes in our government system. Allah will punish the traitors and their collaborators in this world and the next.

You also hear some people saying that Jammeh is the only worthy son destined to rule. That is an insult to every Gambian. Do these people forget about the power of Allah who protect them from an evil leader?

Allah exposed the evil doers that’s why they need to resign. Let our security chiefs abandon their air conditioned offices and go to the border villages and towns to allay fears if they want to get along with Allah. I pray for peace, stability and tranquility in our blessed country.

Imam Ceesay


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  1. It’s very shameful indeed; one Siaka Fatajo too, for example, is said to be disappeared for some nine or so months now by suspected syndola mfdc elements right on the Gambia soil while we have the paid so-called security & politicians (suppose to be in charge) busying themselves into Merry makings…
    Yet, they dare to frame & accuse anyone who happens to point out to writings on the walls…
    Surely the truth will set us free; the Gambia people will see to that…

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