In Solidarity With SIC Over Objection To Granting TV License To Ahmaddiyya Jamaat

                                BB Sanneh


I stand in solidarity with the SIC on its open objection to the issuance of TV license to the Ahmadiyya jamaat. I have written and reproduced in the past many an evidence against this group, notably their hypocritical identity and well-orchestrated insidious plan to dilute our Islamic texts, sources and evidences to their advantage. This action by the SIC is well commendable, and I urge all Muslims to add their voices to this genuine and noble call to purify our religion from such imposters. The importance of all Muslims adding their voices to this sacrosanct call is liked to a group of people in a hall with sudden pitch darkness, a spontaneous touch light from one person would entreat others to turn theirs on. Individually these lights will be insignificant in providing brightness to the hall but collectively it makes a big difference in providing the occupants the much-needed basic brightness through the exits.
There is no single acclaimed group that the Islamic Ummah has unanimously agreed upon as being out of the pale of Islam other than these hypocrites (Allah’s curse be on them). Food for thought for those who still ignorantly consider this people as Muslims, is everyone with a Gambian ID card a bona fide national of The Gambia? Don’t we have competent authority to vet and determine who is Gambian or not in the persons of the Immigration Department. Is everyone who claims to belong to a political party in The Gambia truly a registered and recognized member? Is the party not the competent authority to determine who is a registered member or not? If we can accept these basic mundane facts, why is it so difficult for us to accept that the competent authority in our religion is the Quran, Sunnah and the understanding and interpretations of our rightly guided scholars? With all due respect to the Presidential Adviser on Religion and Tradition and Minister of Agriculture, you both are not in any position to determine the faith of this group much less condemn our scholars for declaring them as non-Muslims. Just like our scholars cannot come to your respective parties to decide for you who is a member or not, your position and utterances on this issue should be well scholarly informed and not politically or emotionally driven. I will paraphrase a quote by late Oustaz Bun (RA) “that any Muslim that this Ahmadi’s convince is ignorant of his religion and should go seek more knowledge of his religion”.
The unfortunate menace with we Africans, especially Gambians is that we think we can be more so called democratic than the founders of the doctrine themselves. As a result, we want to shelve every value, culture and base we have in governing our people to embrace an ideology that typically does not exist anywhere as a utopia. Let’s not fool each other, there is no perfect democracy anywhere so what we should be striving for, the least is to implement of it to the extent applicable/consistent with our values, co-existence, cultures and religions. Take it or leave it, the only two recognized religions in The Gambia since the early era of our forefathers are Islam and Christianity. We can certainly accept another religion but not an imposter who hides behind your religion to spread his deviant ideology.
To PURA, I strongly advise against issuing TV license to this group whose main objective is to confuse Muslims and water down our religion. Again, this is a license that would be used to propagate their disbelief, hypocrisy and lies which would ultimately jeopardise our already fragile security situation. Like I said before, apply the principles of democracy to the extent they would not breach our peaceful co-existence. We have precedence for this in the case of the Police Vs Occupy West field and the recent suspension of all political gatherings. In fact I will be the first proponent of issuing this group a license if they openly accept and declare their true faith as Non-Muslims with their own sources and not imposters. Let them leave our Quran and Sunnah alone and bring forth their own references and we will never have problems with them but until then we will continue to expose them and fight them with every fiber of blood flowing in our veins. If you turn deaf years to our plea and call for denying this group TV license, we can assure you that we will pray against you all including the government on our pulpits, mosque, gatherings and solo moments.
May Allah grant you the wisdom to do the right thing by standing in solidarity with the SIC on this matter and reject this TV license request.




  1. It is disheartening that Baboon-like men of the Jahilia-era who have been legitimizing the actions of a murderous regime are now talking about social morals. All these monsters calling themselves religious leaders have been encouraging Yaya Jammeh commit crimes for their own interest.

    • We don’t want a religious war of words on our airwaves. This wiĺl only lead to fundamentalism and extremism.
      The authorities should initially concentrate on giving mass communication licences to non partisan and non sectarian groups.
      These religious groups have wealthy backers who are non Gambian and have no interest in the wellbeing of Gambians beyond the propagation of their ideologies.
      Let them and their backers put their money in internet tv stations.

  2. Bakary Sonko

    The Gambia is a SECULAR STATE and therefore does not belong to any one religious group per our CONSTITUTION. What has the Supreme Islamic Council got to fear about the Ahmadiyyas? Let the Supreme Islamic Council apply for a similar license and preach their version of Islam to mankind anywhere in the world. Does the QURAN not teach us that “There is no compulsion in religion”?. Does this not apply now? Tolerance must be exercised in our country to avoid repression and trouble for all. Where was the Supreme Islamic Council when Yaya Jammeh committed heinous crimes of repression, torture and murder against innocent Gambians? Does the Quran not say that “Repression is worst than murder”? Yet, the Supreme Islamic Council members slavishly followed Yaya Jammeh and said nothing about his atrocities while he was in power. As far I am concerned, these SO CALLED Islamic Scholars have lost their moral and scholarly standing in The Gambia. In order to safeguard our new found freedom, all Gambians irrespective of what they are, must be given their CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS!!!!!

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