APRC is APRC! Always Remember That!

Building The New Gambia

The biggest beneficiary of democracy in The Gambia is APRC! As a party that mismanaged our resources for a generation during which they also maimed and killed Gambians with impunity not to mention the blatant stealing of private and community lands and properties today APRC is crisscrossing The Gambia with outrageous comments freely and openly. If we rewind back to 1994 the Criminal Gang AFPRC had banned PPP, NCP and GPP while denying any Gambian to promote any ideas other than their criminal ideology! Even PDOIS was denied to produce and sell Foroyaa Newspaper!

But today APRC bigwigs who had committed treason and aided and abetted tyranny in our country are so free that they can go on a countrywide tour with full security assurance.

Just last year UDP was denied a permit such that they had to spend days in Fass unable to move. But the party leadership demonstrated gallantry by insisting on their tour until a permit was issued.

But the APRC faces no such harassment. Their leaders were not subjected to any arbitrary actions or demonization or any caricature as Yaya Jammeh did to other politicians and parties at that time. In fact he had called them donkeys and pagans and unpatriotic sons and daughters.

Indeed APRC must now realize the huge cost they had inflicted on The Gambia. The democracy they enjoy today is from Gambians and their leaders in the Coalition whom they had suppressed and abused. Yet APRC is still steeped in their myopia and shamelessness without conscience that they cannot still see the need to apologize to Gambians. They cannot still feel remorseful at the painful atrocities that they meted out to fellow citizens.

But they have the audacity to compare today’s Gambia with the Gambia that they plundered and bastardized with impunity.

Thanks to Gambians for producing democracy APRC is today enjoying their rights and dignity as human beings. This is what they denied Gambians.

So let us tell APRC to stop lying and misinforming and misleading and praying for failure and doom for The Gambia. Barrow and his Government have their shortcomings but certainly it is better than Yaya Jammeh and his APRC Regime.

We hope and pray that Barrow and his Government also realize that they must always endeavor to do better and not to look like APRC in anyway.

Shame on APRC! No Votes for Despots!

Madi Jobarteh

Culled from Facebook


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