Colley: ‘We’re A Bunch Of Liars’

Mayor Yankuba Colley: Gambians crucify the APRC for lying! Please give us a second chance! We will never lie to you again!

The National Mobiliser of the Alliance for Patriotic Re-orientation and Construction party (APRC) admits loud and clear what people having been saying all along that the dethroned government of Yahya Jammeh had been lying to Gambians.

“WE WILL NEVER LIE TO GAMBIANS AGAIN,” Yankuba Colley confesses. This statement has hit the last nail on the APRC’s coffin. For the past 22 years, the APRC has vehemently lied to the Gambian people with contempt. These words are not coming from any ordinary person but the party’s national mobiliser who enjoys unconditional access to the party leader Yahya Jammeh. If Yankuba Colley admits that the APRC lied to the whole nation for well over 22 years, then even their leader is not exempted from lying too. In other words, everyone from top to bottom had been lying, lying and lying. This is very serious folks! With all the lying confession, the APRC members still want people to give them credibility on a silver platter. A ruling party that admits to lying to its people for over 22 years should not have the audacity to face the electorate promising not to lie again. What grantee do we have that they will not lie to us again? Where are the achievements Fabakary Tombong Jatta and Yankuba Colley boast of? Because of the lying confession, they have raised our suspicion levels.

Contrary to what some gullible people believe and expect, the Barrow government will neither sanction nor ban the APRC party, after all, the party sets itself on the path to doom before Gambians complete the job. With one blunder after the other the APRC will gradually but surely bury themselves as their exiled leader says “six feet deep”.

Mayor Yankuba Colley dubbed himself the “strongest national mobiliser in the country.” In essence, he described himself as the “strongest liar in the whole country.” He had been to lying to Gambians for 22 good years and that he became a Mayor of the Kanifing Municipal Council through lying. When does official lying become legal in the Gambia? Not even failed state legislate or officialise lying!

Mayor Colley says he is not worried because he knows how the country’s politics works. If he thinks in his myopic mind that Gambian politics is all about lying to the people, then he lives in wishful thinking world. Politics of lying has no room in New Gambia. The Gambian people are not dumb and stupid and will not therefore settle for anything less than the truth, transparency, accountability and probity. Gone are the days of politics of deceit in the Gambia where citizens will continue to put their leaders to task.

To put salt on the fresh wound of Gambians who are yet to recover from ex-leader’s hard drugs of tyranny, Yankuba Colley has the audacity to brag that Yahya Jammeh will return home by force. What is hindering Yahya Jammeh from taking the next flight from Equatorial Guinea to the Gambia. Yankuba has aired out  another Fat Lie, but who will blame the donkey for repeated farts? Once a liar always a liar. Lying too is an addiction that needs serious treatment. Yahya Jammeh will have his fate decided by Gambians if he returns home. Before he comes home, his first preoccupation will be to apply for a new Gambian passport to facilitate his travel. Tell me how a person without a legal document can travel in the 21st century. Due to his bad human right credentials and the decision by the American government to see him arrested, I see very little hope of Yahya Jammeh stepping foot on Gambian soil soon.

The Gambia is better off without Yahya Jammeh, surely even Yankuba Colley and Fabakary Tombong Jatta are better off today in a new Gambia where no sword of Damocles hangs over them.

May God bless the Gambia and Gambians for getting rid of the cankerworm APRC. The Gambia without the APRC brings back Smiles, Peace of Mind and Happiness.

Alhagi Touray
Stockholm, Sweden



  1. Thanks Mr touray, the statement of yanks colley is a disgrace for the Gambia, a mayor of the biggest municipality and the then leading party stood without a second of thinking telling the whole world that they have been lying for the past 22 yrs. Am sorry that’s gone beyond my understanding. Anyway Allah is in control, they’ve started shooting themselves with their own guns,God bless the Gambia and her people

  2. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing i mean the professional liar Yankuba Colley.The prison is waiting for them. Is just a matter of time sooner than later they will dance to their own tunes.What an imposter.History will never forgive them for destroying Gambians and our limited resources.Speed up commission of enquiry we want to see Yaya Jammeh, Yankuba Colley, Fabakary Tonbong Jatta and the rest of the monster to spend the rest of life in mile two prison.They are all imposters.may Allah guide and bless the Gambian