5 Amazing Books I Read This Year

Bill Gates, the world’s richest man until last month when Amazon founder Jeff Bezos over took him has revealed one major characteristic of many wealthy people. Bill Gates documents in gatesnotes.com how five books amazing books he reads this year have left their mark on his life. Mr. Gates, the founder of Microsoft, reads a book a week. Another United States billionaire Warren Buffet is also an avid reader who reads 600 pages a day. Like other wealthy people, Gates and Warren draw large part of their smartness, wisdom and motivation from books. Unfortunately, the poor who need books to turn their lives around have time for everything but books. One Gambian activist once publicly complained about low level of reading in our country. Kebba Sanneh, himself a well-read Gambian, agreed that the power of books must not be brushed aside for any reason. Without books – prime drivers of development, innovation and civilisation – people in the world will have no sense of direction.

Read below Bill Gates notes on five amazing books he reads this year and see how books connect people and live their marks on them.


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