Why We Chase Jammeh Away!

Celebrating the demise of Jammeh is indeed worthwhile and keeping it economical as possible is worthy of commendation.

BUT the notion, quoted from Jaliba, that “even if they (Government) do nothing I will still be contented” should be taken at face value. The notion is false and is a recipe for self-fulfilling prophecy and illusory.

People didn’t get rid of jammeh just to install a stagnating system in its place. Complacency hidden in that statement is a harbinger for disaster and may be the sure way back to another Jammeh re-incarnation.

Our security is still in the hands of foreign soldiers. Our economy is recovering but need to work for all our people. Agricultural sector is menaced by the maladministration of 22 years. Farmer’s income is non-existent. Even this year nothing significant was gained from the past rainy season. Horticultural produces remain a promise but badly financed and women folks in the provinces and kombos continue to toil with bare hands to manage their fences and nurture the vegetables.

Our schools are still underperforming. This years senior secondary school results remain dull and there are thousands of youths leaving schools, university and college with little prospects of getting a job.

The dalasi continue to depreciate against foreign currencies and this problem ensures that inflation is still a problem. Prices of good and services remain high and breadwinners continue to toil to make ends meet.

Our hospitals remain badly manned. The qualifications of midwives and nurses and doctors remain low. Added to this is the dwindling morale within the ranks of the general professional corps. People continue to go through painful child births and surgeries in our hospitals.

Many sectors continue to suffocate under the weight of this perilous state of affairs.

And the list goes on!

This perilous state of affairs is not the making of this government. BUT we must constantly remind ourselves of our slogan “take our country back” from tyranny. That also entails taking ownership of the situation and conditions one inherits. And make a difference to the lives of the people. Our people deserve betterment to their lives and the gov’t, under the diction of law and common sense, can and must create the framework and enabling environment so that citizens rise up to challenge of nation building.

Kemo Kinteh


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