President Barrow Has No Miracles

Allow me space in your balance and fair medium to weigh in my personal view on the article made by National Democracy Endeavour founder/CEO Burama FL Jammeh. May I reiterate that this is my personal view and not the view whatsoever of the Barrow administration. First and foremost, I thank Kairo News for accepting and publishing divergent views on your media, unlike other so-called media outlets. This simply answers the question posed by National Democracy Endeavor founder “Where´s Our Democracy.” Well, this is where our democracy begins. If we can debate issues with one another without fear of retribution, censorship as was the case in the 2nd Republic, then to my view, we really achieved what is called democracy. The National Democracy Endeavor’s question “Where´s Our Democracy?” was addressed to the Executive of the Barrow administration. The author of the said post claimed to be one Burama FL Jammeh founder and CEO of the National Democracy Endeavor headquartered in Misira, Brikama.

When I tried to google search National Democracy Endeavor, I got no hit and was instead directed to an Internet site call Bantaba where I again encountered the same post as in Kairo News. Before going further, I would like to ask a question to this founder of National Democracy Endeavor. Can you please be very kind and tell the Gambian people about who Burama FL Jammeh is? Can you tell them whether you are a founder of a company or a political party? A CEO in Business Administration terms can be a founder and Chief Executive Officer only for a company and in Politics a founder of a political party can be a party leader, not necessarily but this often is the case. There is a clear distinction here.

Buruma FL Jammeh´s post is full of accusations, complaint, propaganda, personal vendetta and plain selfish ambitions to the extent that one is left with no option but to counter those unfounded allegations. The whole post is baseless and has no grounds, no substance – just grievances against the Barrow government and the coalition which is not new. These so-called Barrow critics shelter themselves in different clothings but we will read, expose and analyse whatever tactics they may apply. We the advocates of the Barrow government welcome constructive criticism and open dialogue where issues regarding nation building will take center stage and not mere fabrications and unfounded allegations. We should not be the advocates of cynicism as if hope is a deficiency commodity in the Gambia.

The majority of the Gambian people are contending with today’s environment in the Gambia but that doesn´t mean that we will lean back and not demand good governance, transparency and accountability from our government. Yes, you people like Burama FL Jammeh want miracles to be done instantly by this government within this short period of ten months. Let it be very clear, unlike you people we believe and have confidence in the performance of this government and what they have in store for the Gambia. Miracles will be done for sure and reforms will be carried as planned and all-inclusive participatory democracy is already underway, but all these are under no circumstances going to be on your terms as wish. This government has a clear policy, and agenda, as well as a roadmap for the Gambia in case Buruma FL Jammeh doesn´t know. The government will never give into dictates or blackmail from overseas disgruntled individuals or groups. For God sake, you cannot sit in your various comfort zones around the world and expect to influence and dictate events in the Gambia and hope that will be fine with Gambians back home. The Barrow government is the peoples´ choice but it will never rush things just because people like Buruma FL Jammeh think their dreams and aspirations have not been met.

The so-called six questions mentioned in your post are nothing new but the same level of accusation against the Barrow government since it ascended to power. You guys are in self-denial and you know very well that progress has been made in the Gambia and is still going on?
Unfortunately, some people and I believe Bruma FL Jammeh is among them lack the moral audacity to stand up and acknowledge truth and progress, especially if that comes from a foe like the Barrow government. Going by the standard and content of Mr. Jammeh´s post one can conclude that not only does he disagree with the policies of the Barrow administration but he completely abhors it.
Buruma, you even had your quarrel with the Vice President Fatoumatta Tambajang who visited USA and to you her only crime was to call on all Gambians to come together and give their support to this government in the interest of national development. What is wrong with that? She doesn´t force anyone to support this government. It was an appeal in her capacity as the Vice President of all Gambians and you can ignore that appeal if you have a different view. THAT IS OUR DEMOCRACY OF TODAY. You have to put her appeal which is directed to the Gambian community in USA into proper context. We came from 22 years of none nation building and it will take all helping hands to put this nation back on track. This was simply what the Vice President was referring to but with clear intention. But you misinterpreted her statement as if she is against opposing ideas when in fact she called on all Gambians to come together. President Barrow recently said the same thing. For a national development to take place we need unity. Is something wrong with that? I definitely don´t think so.

Mr. Ousainou Darboe you portrayed as sounding like Yahya Jammeh when he said we should not use emotion but passion. You compared Ousainou Darboe´s tone to thay of Yahya Jammeh. You must be kidding us Burama. What an eloquent and brilliant expression from Mr. Darboe! Only someone with hatred for him will have a different view to his call. Burama FL Jammeh you went on to say Mr. Osainou Darboe has shown some frustration/anger over some questions during press conferences. Burama FL Jammeh, in case you are not aware I can assure you that there is no seasoned politician today in The Gambia that matches Mr. Darboe’s calmness, listening and communication demeanour. That doesn’t make him an angel.

If you are not the least satisfied with this government you have all rights to disagree but be well prepared to be challenged as well. We are many that fought hard together for this democracy we are cherishing and jealously protecting from reckless individuals and groups with sinister agendas.

Forward Gambia

Backward Never





  1. Lamin Barro (Dudu)

    Thank you very much Touray from Stockholm – Sweden. You have said it all. You are absolutely right in your annalysis of such disgruntled people who are sitting outside of this country and think they can influence anything through writing nonesense. We will genuinely defend the interest of this government and our country come whatever. May Allah bless you. Kind regards

    • Kinteh (kemo)

      I welcome Touray’s response to Mr Jammeh. However, your tone towards those you label “sitting outside of the country” is disappointing.

      Remember that Jammeh surrogates used the same silly response. We should be better than erstwhile Jammeh surrogates and if we feel like countering accusations, do so in a matured and intelligent manner.

      • Lamin Barro (dudu)

        Thank you Kinteh (Kemo) for this comment. I wish to apologise anybody who felt disappointed by this phrase “sitting outside of the country”. I did not mean to offend any section of our people who live outside of this country. I am just reacting to the article I read and I know of people who have not set foot on this land for more than a quarter of a century and did not take part during our struggle to unseat the dictator. Now they are very active writing various kinds of articles on face book and other social media platforms just to point at the weaknesses of this government. This government and its supporters are doing eveytthing possible to distance themselve from any semblance of the dictator and his enablers. I assure you that we will never resemble the madness that prevailed here for 22 years. Once more I appologise. Kind regards

  2. Alagi Touray’s reasonings in this posting are indeed disappointing and unmatured. Alagi should know that FTJ has has no reason to say SORRY to the Gambian people on accusations that are in the Gambian courts and Commission of Inquiry. That would immediately show Fabakary’s guilt to matters that are not judiciously settled yet.
    Should FTJ vilify the APRC and President Jammeh because of accusations, some of which might be false?
    At any stage of accusations, the accused should not heed to calls for self-vilification.
    Besides, the APRC is composed of responsible Gambian citizens who should not be insulted for one’s hatred of President Jammeh. In as much as you accuse President Jammeh of any wrong-doing, he equally did well/a lot to change the decadent state of our country when he took over.
    Would Alagi Touray deny that fact?

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