What APRC Leader Should Do

Fabakary Tombong Jatta waiting to be decorated by dictator Yahya Jammeh

This post is a response to Fatu Radio Network article originally published by Standard Newspaper in which Fabakary Tombong Jatta – the interim leader of the former ruling APRC – argued that the Gambia’s ousted President Yahya Jammeh should not live in exile.

Does Fabakary Tombong Jatta, the former House Majority Leader, forget he was partly responsible for Yahya Jammeh’ present predicament? Yahya Jammeh is the making of himself and the Gambian people are not to be blamed for reaping what he had sown. Why can´t an elderly man like FTJ swallow the bitter pill and say the truth and apologise to the Gambian people for the pains his  APRC had inflicted on innocent Gambians? Jatta and his APRC are yet to say sorry to the Gambians for subjecting them to gross violations of human rights: torture, forced disappearance or murder. Had this fool called Yahya Jammeh respected the verdict of the Gambian people, he would have been enjoying a peaceful life in his native village of Kanilai.

I wonder why FTJ who was the former Serekunda East Constituency lawmaker forget that he too has aggravated Jammeh’s designed impasse through approving the state of emergency that forced thousands of innocent Gambians to their country. Many have become internally displaced. In fact, one family perished in an accident while fleeing upcountry.

The Gambian people have been and continue to victims of Yahya Jammeh’s brutality. Even after he had gone for good, his countless victims and their families struggle to heal. They await justice before walking on the road to closure. Do I hear you dare open your mouth and declare the oppressor a victim?

For God and Heaven sake, stop playing games with the Gambian people who are nursing the unhealed wounds of dictatorship. Yahya Jammeh has not got what he deserves. His crimes are so many that no one can quantify them all. Until the day of judgment, Gambians will be impacted by the Monster’s legacy. you feel that you want to be his proxy well that´s fine with us. The ECOWAS mediation team came to The Gambia in many occasions to persuade Jammeh to peacefully hand over power but this fool thinks he is greater than all human beings.

This is the price to pay when a leader put his people through hell thinking that he can get away with it. Sooner or later reality will catch up with you that is what simply happens to Yahya Jammmeh. To compare Yahya Jammeh to J. J. Rawlings, South African Apartheid and Robert Mugabe is like comparing an apple to a pear. We are talking of the Gambian context here and nothing else. Mr. Jatta you have never been exiled, never been denied the right to bury a close relative in the Gambia and certainly you did not lose a son, father, brother or relative to Yahya Jammeh´s thugs. Please just shut up and leave the Gambian people to iron out their problems with Yahya Jammeh. We the Gambians are currently the masters of our own destiny and country. It is up to us to decide what to do with Yahya Jammeh and not the other way round. you are acquainted with Fabakary Tombong Jatta. You are acquainted with the saying “what  goes around comes around.” The best thing I believe Fabakary could do for his master — if he he really feels pity for him — is to pack his little belongings and join him in exile in Equatorial Guinea. That´s an option widely open for you Mr. Fabakary Tombong Jatta.

Alhagi Touray


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