Why I Pity Ousainou Mbenga

Sitting in his comfort zone in the United States anticipating that he is on a noble course. Even if that is the case Ousainou Mbenga should quit and call it a day. Can´t you Ousainou Mbenga see that you are going nowhere and your noble course is a failed one. What you have in store for the Gambia is mere hate, anger and division which will not take us anywhere. I have an option for you and a very good one. At your age I expect you to be decent, honest and truthful to yourself and to your few followers if you do have any. Cease your nonsense and careless divide and rule tactics because these are so detrimental to our society and the Gambian people will never buy it. You have proven to be a very poor salesman and that is why I said it is time for you to quit. You wanted to sell #OccupyWestfield to the Gambian population but your offer was so poor that it was turned down badly. We are all sure what came out of the so-called protest: FIASCO and EMBARRASSMENT.
Ousainou Mebenga, your recent post of november 17, 2017 in the Freedom newspaper is full of unfounded allegations and it really hurts me to read from a fellow Gambian such fabrications. You went on attacking the IGP and claiming without any substance that the IGP poses the greatest national security. This is a very serious allegation levelled against the IGP simply because he (the IGP) has done his job which doesn´t go well with your sinister and detrimental agenda. You and your guys organized a proxy of young Gambian youths to fight a course for you and when it fails you call them comrades as if you have a revolution to fight. For the information of the likes of you in the US, the Gambia today surely doesn’t need young revolutionary comrades. What the new Gambia needs today is a youth that strives to become vibrant, innovative, creative and entreprising. This is the youth that will take our beloved country to the next level. We must encourage and give hope to our youths so that in the future they can acquire beneficiary skills in Consultancy, Business Administration, City Planner, Law Makers and Small Business Ownership so they create employment for others. This is what should be expected of a decent and responsible academic and not just critcising the government without coming up with tangible solutions. Encouraging OccupyWestfield or for that matter civil disobedience can never be the solution to empower our vibrant youths. This is a very cheap way of scoring political points when we should all come together and build a nation we can all be proud of. This doesn’t mean that the government will enjoy a free ride. Like in any credible democracy, there must be checks and balances. Remember this is not a one-person government, it is the government of the people, by the people and for the people.

Ousainou Mbenga said a lot of empty stuff such as our police officers are dressed in their “Uniform of brutality” as if he thinks we are living in the days of Yahya Jammeh regime. If Mbenga cannot distinguish the Gambia of today and that of yesterday, then he must be living in another planet. His little followers and readers who are completely clueless to what Mbenga and his cohorts have in store for the Gambia are being fooled. Ousainou Mbenga boast of winning the hearts and minds of Gambians, but the reality is that he is losing the fight. Just quit and call it a day. Ousainou Mbenga you fail to comprehend simple logic. The people you are alienating is the very people you are expecting to endorse you and support your ideas of hatred, anger, self destruction and perpetual stagnation. It doesn´t make sense and it will never work.

Finally, I salute our today’s police force under the watchful eyes of our current IGP. As a black African living in Mbenga should know that when it comes to impunity the US police cannot be compared to our police. The amount of police brutality meted out of black Americans in the USA by the very police force who are paid to protect them will never be compared to the Gambia police force of today. Ours is not the best force but we are on the road to the right direction. For God’s sake be a proud Gambian Mr. Mebenga even if you do not agree with the New Gambia. Don´t you have any credit to associate to this new government for what they have achieved so far? The answer to that without hesitatation is emphatically NO because hate comes to mind when this government is mentioned.


Alhagi Touray


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