Barrow Proves His Critics Wrong

By Alhagi Touray

Who said President Adama Barrow is a lame duck or an accidental president whose policies are being decided by people around him? Recent events in Banjul showed the contrary. President Barrow is fully in charge of the presidency. No one is dictating him. Whatever the reasons are for the redeployment of the former Interior Minister is yet to be made public but President Adama Barrow has shown full leadership and statesmanship in executing his office. I am not privy to the circumstances of Mr. Fatty’s redeployment and I understood the president and his government do not break any rules for keeping silent on this matter. My point here is about the resolute action taken by the president which surprises all of us, taking into consideration all the negativities being said and attributed to our president. He has proven to be a humble, honest and hardworking president who has been wrongfully called all names by his enemies, and critics for being everything but decisive, resolute, lack of direction and not on track. But the same critics are today praise singing President Barrow for his decision to redeploy Honourable Mai Fatty?

Can you see the paradox? Well, we know them  are not the least sincere to our president. Their sole ambition is hopefully president Barrow will give in to their sinister agendas and somehow be their guiding dog. Suddenly, out of the blue president Barrow became everyone’s president. Why? Simply because his decision this time around is consistent with the ambition of certain egocentric individuals whose main objective is nothing but to see this government of president Adama Barrow fail miserably. These shameless people even went to the length of demanding the sacking of our foreign minister Honorable Ousainou Darboe for reasons best known only to them

I want the previous regime and the sheep in clothing to understand that there is no room for cherry picking or picking the raisins from the cake. The president said it in numerous times it is time for hard work. Whether these fake supporters of the president like it or not we are going to build a better the Gambia for all. As a Gambian you can contribute your quota for the betterment of all no matter where you are.

To our enemies, I say be well prepared because we are very well prepared, resolute, focused. We are very proud to finally put in place a president we all really deserve (a no-nonsense president).

Good Luck Mr. President



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