We Need To Penetrate Echo Chambers Of Toxic Noise

Woooowwww!!!! This Powerful and Enlightening piece should be translated in every local language and included as a core element of a widespread national dialogue as within the structure of a much needed comprehensive, culturally and linguistically competent civic education. What had been happening in social media signals a larger sociopolitical problem within The Gambia, and within the average Gambian. And there is dire and urgent need for a practical, and Effective Gambian-centric civic education. This effort should be central in the agenda of all Stakeholders (The Body Polity, NGOs, private entities, the citizenry, the opposition parties, community and religious leaders, etc.).

And you, Son-Of-Our-Soil, Sutay Kutah Sanneh have lit the torch with this article. My Brother…. with the many golden nuggets of wisdom you have laced this article with, I implore you to keep writing, and keep speaking. For such words of wisdom is what we need to penetrate into these “echo chambers” of toxic noise that are being sling shot at each other across “perceived” enemy lines- who merely 9 months ago were comrades battling side by side for the noble course to Free our nation.

You have made my morning and my day, and given me hope anew that our nation will find a way out of this wilderness. Hopefully it will be a much quicker exit than it took us to collectively extricate ourself from the “Jammeh Wulu Konoh!” Brother Please keep Enlightening all of us. The Gambia needs you, and voices like yours, now more than ever before. Our county is yet at another critical juncture. And I dare say it is every bit as critical as the one we found ourselves in December 2016. I know you have Re-inspired me this morning to keep doing my bit Mo matter what. Thank You for Re-Stoking my Embers for Nation Re-Building.

Your Fellow Citizen,
Your Sister in Nation Building,

Sigga Jagne


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