Re: It’s Our Time To Eat

By Horeja Jobarteh

True talk, true talk and words of wisdom but only the wise shall ponder and agree to the truth. Hypocrites shall never agree to facts even though the signs are bold and clear, the blind supporters follow the same steps as the Disbelievers old saying, “we found our grandfathers and our fathers doing it.” Some like the losers on the day of Qiyama will state, ‘we just saw them doing it and we followed.’ Yes like you stated above, some follow because of selfish financial benefits but others don’t even know while others through ethnicity, family ties, friendship, schoolmates etc etc.

If you recall on one of our conversations you once asked me if I went to vote for the parliamentary elections, I replied in the negative. You told me that I neglected my duties as a citizen but I defended myself telling you “If I really love my country, I should vote for an eligible candidate and unfortunately I didn’t know those candidates contestesting at that particular time. Why should I just vote for a party or an individual just because I am a citizen? Like you said, we need to change for a better people if we are really in for a better Gambia!!!

There can never be a New Gambia if we still have the same mentality of governance and supporters. The Gambia is one nation one people but how many are implementing this? We should put aside our political differences, our negative thinkings, our religious differences, tribalism and push forward with all our strength with pure hearts until we have fruitful harvest. Unless we have this attitudinal change, we shall keep on changing million presidents but there can never be a change. The change is not vested on the president alone but on the people within the president’s surrounding and the population at large.

Allah said in the Quran, “I have made you unto nations and tribes only for you to UNITE’, but rather people are in for the opposite….He also said, A people is given a leader that is just like them, mind you! Not a Messenger but a LEADER….. In simple words, the president acts and thinks just like his people act and think…So where does the change come from first? The leader is an individual, the nation carries it all, so their fate is always based on their attitudes.

Let’s take a sample from former President Jawara. The Jammeh regime used to oppose him saying that Gambians were suffering during his leadership. Jammeh came in, and the same shoutings, praises and insults filled the air. The Barrow regime came. So early but still people are doing the same: singing praises and hauling insults. I think this happens in  almost all African countries. The one million dollar question is, who is/are the ones at fault here: the Presidents, the People or both of them. Let’s remeber the Presidents are from the same people within their countries and the majority of their populations describe their kind of people, which also leads us to our current ways of living. What we definitely reap is what we shall sow, there are exceptionally good and God-fearing individuals. Like I said earlier, the majority carries the situation of a country, but we shall be judged individually, for no one carries the burden of another simply because we all have choices in life – Good or Bad Attitude.

To rest my case here, my advice to fellow Gambians is to remember Allah/God in whatever we are doing. Faith has it all: discipline, unity, respect for each other no matter who you are or where you are come from. In fact, we all came from Allah and to HIM we shall all return, despite being a president, farmer, poor, rich, colour of your skin good or bad person. We shall meet as one people. The main purpose of life is not about how successful you were materially or the positions you held, but your ‘GOOD DEEDS.’ Let’s race in doing goodness rather than filling our pockets with the Dalasi, Dollar, Euros or Pounds…etc etc.

I thank you [Sutay Kata Sanneh] so much for bringing up this notice to the Gambian Board, but like I said only the wise shall benefit and take heed… so proud of you, keep the flag flying…looking forward to your next DROP.

I am really really PROUD of you.


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