‘I Did Not Betray My Of Office’

The leader of the Gambia Moral Congress has issued a statement addressing his removal as the Minister of Interior. In the said statement published below, Lawyer Mai Ahmad Fatty accepted the removal in good faith. He however denied betraying “my oath of office.”

All Thanks and Praises due to Allah, the Master of the Truth and Destiny. Gratitude to Allah for the opportunity to witness the New Gambia. I will remain loyal to The Gambia with pride, confident in the knowledge that I did nothing to betray my Oath of Office such as personal involvement in corruption, or bribery. It is no secret that The law grants President Barrow the authority to hire and fire a Minister. A Cabinet Minister serves at the President’s pleasure. You may or may not agree with the exercise of that authority, but all Gambians should respect that right of his. I do, and without an iota of bitterness. The call to serve is an honour and I am thankful for the opportunity given me. I will never stop serving The Gambia and her citizens. The Gambia is bigger than one individual, and I want you all to support the on-going development efforts. Let us stay focused, stand together as one people, shun divisive propensity and remain true to our allegiance to our Republic. I wish our Coalition Government success. At this sensitive period, confrontation among the coalition leaders will not help our national cause. I resist the invitation to the contrary for the good of Mother Gambia. We cannot fail and we will never fail. The Gambia shall be a beacon of hope and prosperity in Africa. There is no other choice. Together we shall build a strong Nation. God Bless you all.


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  1. Now that Mr Fatty claimed to have not done anything wrong and we have people who strongly believed in his competence as an interior minister and felt that he dose not deserved to be removed or demoted, I think The President should come out in public and tell us why he did what he did. The fact that he [the president] has constitutional authority to remove ministers does not mean that he should do so without any genuine reason otherwise he will not be different from his predecessor Yahya Jammeh. It is either Mr Fatty is wrong or the President is wrong. Both of them cannot be right in this case. And his silence on the matter would imply that Mr Fatty is right which I don,t believe is the case.

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