HURIDAC Chair Appointed Advisor

HURIDAC Press Release: 2/11/17

HURIDAC’s Chair Appointed as an Advisor in The Gambia

The Gambian government has appointed Ndey Tapha Sosseh as an Advisor to Ministry of Information and Communication Infrastructure.

Ndey Tapha Sosseh serves as the Co-Chair of the Leadership Council of Human Rights Advancement, Development and Advocacy Centre (HURIDAC).

Ndey is an experienced journalist and media rights activist. “Ndey’s passion for the protection and promotion of human rights has contributed immensely to the development of HURIDAC and suffice that in this new position, The Gambia government will benefit immensely from her experience and wealth of knowledge,” says Ayodele Ameen, Executive Director of HURIDAC.
Ndey’s role as an advisor will include advising the minister and working to ensure the free flow of information. She will also help to ensure that there is a conducive environment for journalist to operate.
Even though, part of her role includes the formulation of a comprehensive National Communication Strategy and to support MOICI in the process for a legal reform of media laws and communications policies, but the ministry will benefit from her intellectual prowess, her attention to details and her priority for quality and standards.

HURIDAC’s Board, staff and members felicitate with one of our own on her well-deserving appointment and hope to continue working with her in the advancement and promotion of human and media rights in The Gambia.

Ms Sosseh has vast experience working with journalist associations in all the ECOWAS member states and Mauritania.
Since 2014, she focused largely on training women journalists in gender sensitive reporting Women Reporting Women project.
Ms Sosseh has travelled extensively all over Africa to help build stronger journalist unions and works on developing projects for female journalists. As treasurer of the Federation of African Journalists, she contributed to creation of the All Africa Gender Council for journalists. NNdeyTapha Sosseh currently sits on the board of HURIDAC, Nigeria.

She is first and only female editor-in-chief of a daily newspaper in The Gambia, The Daily Observer (2004-2005), first and only female President of The Gambia Press Union (2008-2011) and first female treasurer of the Federation of African Journalists (2008-2012).

She has an M.A. in International Press Journalism (2004), University of Central England in Birmingham, United Kingdom.
HURIDAC is established in the recognition that human beings must enjoy freedom from fear and want. This implies that conditions must be created whereby everyone can enjoy his or her human rights. It also implies that the equal effective enjoyment of all human rights, without discrimination, underpin the primacy of law. Any society that is not founded on the rule of law will eventually find itself in a state of anarchy.

Therefore, a system of basic freedoms, that afford protection against the abuse of power, that create space for the citizens to live in dignity, and where they can enjoy freedom to explore ways towards individual development and prosperity, is a fundamental foundation for any civilized society.

It is with this is mind that HURIDAC is established, as institution building is necessary for the promotion and protection of human rights and capacity building and training of all stakeholders in the realisation of rights is essential to promote, protect and fulfil these rights.

Knowing that human rights protection goes beyond national borders, HURIDAC will engage with regional and international institutions to strengthen the protection of human rights, development and democracy within the confines of the African continent.


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